It Never Gets Boring

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Just another day on vacation

3F0EB871-D442-43A6-B788-5A44832C3730We sleep until 9:20. Sleeping that late never happens. I guess that’s what happens when you stay up late. But it was worth it. Who cares anyway? We’re on vacation!

We head off to Bella Vista. It is Azael’s day off so we ask for Angel. We see Janelle and Steve, so we say goodbye again. They’ll be back soon. I do’t even know when their next trip is. But they come frequently enough that I know they’ll be back soon.

This is Zun’s daily omelette. He’s got some smoked salmon on his plate. They came through with the promise to get some smoked salmon for Helen. He gave her so much that she wanted to share with us.

156BB347-BC8A-4CBD-8775-FC46063E76E2After breakfast we go to the beach. On the way out there, I ask the butler if I can get a dress ironed. It is hanging in my closet later when we get back from beach.

It is a nice beach day.


We have lunch with Helen and Chris. Since Azael is not here, I ask for Angel. Chris says that Emilio is really good, and then I say Angel is my favorite. Chris wants Emilio though, and I give in. Good relationships, including friendships are about compromising now and then. And Emilio was good. Not good enough to replace Azael and Angel, but he was good.

Chris orders arrachera, and gives me a taste, and its really good. It’s not on the menu, but they will make it if you request it. It did take awhile though.


I order lobster quesadillas and the manager, Alfredo, who is taking our order thinks that’s a riot. He looks at me and says, “Lobster quesadillas?” He says it like that is the most unusual request he’s ever gotten. I tell him that they’ve made them for me before. He is still looking at me like it’s a crazy request. Then he starts to write it down, laughing and shaking his head. It gave me a good laugh, seeing his response.

Requested lobster quesadillas.


Zung’s shrimp fajitas.


I have a little brownie for dessert that is really good. It is pretty much the only thing not made with milk or cream, which is still not my friend. I do eat the coconut ice cream, but not every day.

I have a bite of Helens flan, which is pretty freaking delicious. We have lots of wine, so afterwards we go back to the beach and doze.

We do take some pictures of this guy.


When it is time, we go back to our room and get ready for dinner.

72BD84F1-CB36-4BF5-A352-7BB0E3082913D790FE85-A1B4-488F-8352-9B1C0BC43E1AWe are at the Mexican in Las Brisa for dinner. Just Zung and I. Lupita is our waitress. She’s a riot. She has us laughing all evening.

I have some ceviche and make a small salad, which I’ve been craving. Lander, the new GM, comes by. He said that he heard that I like Havana Club rum, and gives me Havana that he brought back, straight from Cuba. This is unexpected, so nice, and so personal. I think he and I are going to get along great. We talk about rum and I ask him if he likes rum. He says yes, he likes sweet rums. I ask if he has ever tried Zara rum, which is a rum that we get at home and it is probably the sweetest rum of all those we have tasted. He says he has never heard of it. I tell him that I will bring him some the next time we are here. It is about $30, $20 on a good sale. Honestly, it is better than rums I have tasted at twice the price.


We have the Mole and the Tacos el Pastor. We have had these before and they are good as always. The chicken is fall off the bone tender.

It is a beautiful evening.


After dinner we get ride to lobby.

We see Rafael and chat. I ask to see pictures of his kids. They are getting so big, especially the baby. They are all blonde, like his wife.


Daniel’s mystery woman calls and he has a big smile on his face. He says I’m like a second mom because I always tell him what to do. I am glad that he is seeing someone who makes him smile like that.

We don’t stay past ten tonight. Helen and Chris never show up. We go back to the room. Read and drink some rum.
I realize that I am coughing less. It must be Mexico. Perhaps I will just have to move here.

Our days here don’t vary much. Eat, drink beach, repeat. I love that kind of repetition.

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Dinner at L’Etoile

Helen, Chris, Zung and I take a golf cart over to the Maya for dinner. That is, we get a ride by one of the bell boys in a golf cart. They chauffeur you around in the golf carts. They don’t give you one to drive around yourself.

We walk through the Maya lobby, which has really beautiful Mayan artwork and sculptures. If you’ve never walked through before, it is a must do. We walk through the snake bar, another must-see, to L’Etoile, the gourmet restaurant of the Maya. We are seated.

They give us water and ask if we want something to drink. We ask for the wine list.  They give it to Zung, and he chooses a wine we that we have to pay extra for. Zung notices that there are a lot of wines on the all-inclusive list at the Grand  that are extra here. AF628E93-122B-4353-B5B1-A7FC37D185B8837B92FB-58B3-44E6-B3FD-6FFB44B4BB1BWe order dinner. It is just ok. Not bad, but not amazing.


As always, a good dinner is more about good company than the food. That part was very good.


There is one last thing to do before we go back to the Grand. Although, for the life of me, I can’t remember why they did it.


Time to go back to Grand. We go to the front entrance and ask the bell boy to call the Grand for a golf cart. There are some other people waiting for rides, who are from the Maya. You can tell from their wrist bands. The golf cart for us arrives. We can tell from the bell boy who is driving it. When some of the Maya people start to get in, the driver points to us, and says, “I am here for them.” Awkward!

We get in and return to the Grand. We hang at bar for awhile.


Chocolate cake shots were had by all. Now, that’s a shot I can do!

Do you ever wonder why drinking a shot is referred to like that. You don’t say you want to drink a shot. You say you want to do a shot. Or you say to others, let’s do some shots. I wonder about those kinds of things. Actually, I don’t usually wonder. I Google it.

Steve and Janelle show up. The ladies have a shoe-off.


Not too much later, Helen and Chris leave.

Zung and I stay for awhile with Janelle and Steve, since it is their last night. They leave tomorrow. They come several times in a year though, so they will be back soon.

We get a little goofy.


We end up staying at the bar with them until late. I had a couple shots when we first arrived, but nothing after that.

It’s 1 o’clock! I love it when we can be real grown-ups and stay late at the bar, We finally back to room. It has been a good first full day of our vacation. I love the first couple of days of vacation, because there are so many more left.

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First Vacation Lunch

We go to La Brisa for lunch. I think that we ought to check out the new Beach Bar/Grill sometime this trip. It has opened since we were here in January. Spoiler alert! We never do check it out. We like to be inside, in the air conditioned comfort and the fabulous view. Zung likes his shrimp fajitas. I like my French Fries fresh, hot and crispy.


And I like it when Azael asks me to make sure they are the way that I like them. However, he is not there today. I ask for Angel’s section. He is my second favorite. Helen amid Chris join us. Helen and I have white wine. I have more than I had planned to. These waiters just keep filling your glass and all your vows of moderation go out with the tide.

I have lobster.


Helen has the grilled fish.


Zung has his favorite, shrimp fajitas. Chris has some Arrachera steak, but I didn’t get a picture of it.


We have some coconut ice cream. . Yum.


We go back to the beach to get a well deserved nap, after all that wine and food. Zung naps. I try to, but as toasted as I am from my wine fest at lunch, I do not fall asleep.

When we are goo and ready to leave the beach, we go up to room to get ready for dinner.


We go to the lobby bar to meet up with Helen and Chris. Steve and Janelle are there. We take some pictures, and we promise to meet later, after dinner, since this is their last night.

I posted previously that I gave Janelle her necklace on the beach, but actually I give it to her now.


Steve thinks that something is pretty funny.


Of course we have to take a picture of our sweet Daniel.


Helen and Chris arrive and we get golf cart over to Maya to have dinner at their gourmet restaurant,  L’Etoile. Our friends, Joe and David, highly recommended this restaurant, so we are branching out from the Grand restaurants.

We are ready for a new adventure!


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Day 1 – Rituals and Routines

We sleep until 8, which isn’t as late as it sounds because our bodies are probably still on mountain time,which would be 7, or would it be 6? The way Mexico bounces back and forth with their time change has totally confused me.

Zung takes some pictures, but it is really too late to even call it a Zungrise.


We walk to Bella Vista for breakfast. It’s so peaceful in the morning. The housekeeping staff is walking down the walkway. Any staff that you pass will usually acknowledge you. It may be a simple, “Hola!” Some of them will say “Buenos Dias.” It’s part of the charm of the Grand. You always feel like the employees are glad that you are there.

We see Azael as soon as we walk in. I give him a hug, and ask about his family. He remembers our usual drinks of coffee for Zung, English breakfast tea for me, and Mimosas. He also remembers that I like chillaquilles with no onion. How does he do it? Sometimes I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.

He brings them and they are really good. You know what Zung had, unless your a newbie to this blog. He always has an omelette. Every single day, every single time we come.


We also have Mimosas. Zung is drinking his faster than me, unless maybe this is my second, which is very possible,


Helen and Chris come in and sit at the table next to us. Zung goes to get his omelette and chats with Olivia. I go in to say hello to her, and get some fruit. Olivia says that since it is Zung’s birthday, her boss wants to make him a cake for dinner one night. She asks when is a good night. Tonight we are going to the Maya for dinner. I decide when we have our last dinner at the Grand with Chris and Helen. She gets some information. I decide to keep it a secret from Zung.

There are some kitties out on the terrace. They look like older kittens.

Helen says she wished they had smoked salmon. I tell her to ask. I call Angel over, so she can ask . He’s the manager. He tells her they will get some for tomorrow. That’s what it’s like at the Grand. In case I forget to mention in in a later post, they followed through with this request and had it for her every day, the rest of the time that she was here.

After breakfast I have to go to the lobby to get a new bracelet. I wanted the tails cut and Zung thought I wanted him to cut it off and it was halfway cut before I stopped him. Don’t even ask why he would think I would want him to cut it off entirely. We still had practically the whole week of our vacation to go! Trying to get inside the brain of a man is a scary place to go.

I get my bracelet from the lobby, and go back to the room. I get ready for the beach and go to the chairs that Zung claimed for us before breakfast. Gabriel, our favorite beach waiter is there, but he won’t be on our side after the other waiter arrives. I order a mimosa (don’t count how many I have, it’s not polite).

Zung comes out shortly after I have settled in. We take my “first day of vacation” picture.


We take a, Zung is drinking a margarita before noon, picture.


I can’t find my wristlet. This is a tiny purse like thing where I keep my room key, lip balm and money for tips. It is smaller than some women’s wallets, so it really can’t be considered a purse and is completely in keeping with my “I don’t carry a purse when I’m on vacation in Mexico” rule.

I think that it’s in the room. I go up, but can’t find it there. I tell the butler and concierge.

A Star Friend comes to chat. He has only been there two months. Those guys really turn over a lot. Unlike the rest of the staff, many of who have been here forever, even being transferred from the other Iberostar hotels before the Grand opened.

Helen and Chris come and sit behind us. Helen and I are talking and Chris takes my iPad when I’m not looking, and I think I’m going crazy when I go to look for it and can’t find it. Everyone is a comedian.

Steve and Janelle come by with presents. Janelle has a pretty bracelet for me, and they have cufflinks for Zung’s birthday. They are really nice. I have a necklace for her.


We get hungry. That must mean it’s lunchtime. I go up to our room first. And I find my wristlet! It is laying on a pair of dark denim shorts, and it is dark blue, which is why I didn’t see it the first time I came and looked. I’m not going crazy! I may be losing my vision, but that’s another thing entirely.

On to our first lunch of the vacation!

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