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We interrupt this vacation for a trip to the hospital

Day 3 – Wake up. Ohhhhhhh. Right. “Adult beverages” dehydrate you. Dehydrated + hot climate= more dehydrated + too much of previously mentioned ¬†adult beverages, makes you feel like crap. Which is how I felt this morning. Because I was … Continue reading

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More Medical Drama

It just wouldn’t be a Tran vacation without some medical drama. Today was the day Karen had to leave. Her M.O. is to breeze in with a dramatic entrance, make a big impression and then leave quietly. Zung and I … Continue reading

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I went back to the ICU. There were about six beds and then a private room with another bed. There was one guy who left shortly after Zung arrived and there was someone in the private room. There was also … Continue reading

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The cardiologist and the three C’s

I sat on the sofa in Zung’s room and waited. I kept checking my watch . At 31 minutes I started thinking about how many more minutes I would wait until I went out to find Veronica if she did … Continue reading

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Intensive Care Unit

Dr. Gomez returned and basically ignored Zung and walked up to me. I didn’t like his expression. What was not said was the most telling in the next few moments. It was the expressions that told me we weren’t in … Continue reading

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