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Japanese Cuisine and Sibling Drama

Dinner was at the Japanese restaurant, over at the Beach hotel. It was rather a bit of a hike. Especially when one is rocking high heels. Susie had been grumbling all day about the boys. Said, next time we should … Continue reading

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Tacos, hangovers and wooden horses

Our fifth day brought another beautiful sunny day. As we headed off for breakfast we stopped and knocked on the kids door. Susie had expressed interest in going to the big buffet (something about hot, fresh donuts). However, when she … Continue reading

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Afternoon Activities and Dinner at El Museo (aka The Gourmet)

Our harmonious family vacation continued. Susie wanted to go kayaking again (really? again? voluntarily? did they switch my baby at birth or something?). Either she was kind enough not to ask me again (and knew what I’d say) or she … Continue reading

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Beach Party and Topless Experiences

Recently, in a comment, someone asked how I remembered all the details of a trip that was taken so many years ago. I actually first wrote this trip report right after we took the trip. I have made some modifications, … Continue reading

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Dinner at the Italian and simmering sibling situations

With good health and world order restored to our vacation, Zung and Nicholas got something to eat. We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the beach. We went in the water. Much is written about the rocks … Continue reading

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