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Happy 71st birthday Zung

Rise and shine sunshine! There was plenty of sunshine this morning. We headed off to Bella Vista for the birthday breakfast. It was only fitting to start the day with mimosas. I ordered chillaquilles with chicken, no onion and no … Continue reading

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Birthday Surprise

We got to the end of the hall and the bellboy turned to the room next to the presidential suite and said, “Here is your room.” I said, “Ok.” Then he grinned and said, “I’m only kidding, this is your … Continue reading

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Not An Awesome Beach Day

I suspected today was not going to be awesome as soon as I looked out the window when I woke up. Apparently whatever I had for breakfast was not picture-worthy. But this Mimosa clearly was. Dave and Tessa came by. … Continue reading

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I Love the Beach

I never get up early enough to take a sunrise picture so this will have to do. I head off to breakfast. They have a tortilla station now and I get a beef tortilla. It is delicious. The chillaquilles have … Continue reading

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Day 2 of the Change of Plans Vacation

I didn’t take any notes during this trip, so everything is from memory.  And pictures. Thank goodness for pictures. Thank goodness for Yelp. I don’t know what I did before I discovered Yelp. Mostly I use it for restaurants, although … Continue reading

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