Shopping and Dinner With Friends

Shopping and Dinner With Friends

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This will be a pretty short installment.

Susie and Ben had been staying with us since she had her surgery. They had taken care of Sophie and Lucy for us while we went to Las Vegas and South Dakota. They went back to their apartment in Boulder today.

Zung went into work. I was supposed to take Dave and Tessa shopping at the nearby Denver Premium Outlet Mall. However we were having our friends, Lilli and Tave over for dinner.

They had meet Dave and Tessa at the Grand on one of their visits. I have known Lilli since my Patrick and her Andrew were about three years old, so 24 years. 

I decided to just drop Dave and Tessa off because I had errands to run and dinner to prepare for. I also hadn’t slept well and didn’t think I would make it through shopping and making dinner.

Dave and Tessa did well at the outlet mall. They came home with clothes, shoes, and Tessa got a purse.

They managed a quick lunch as well.

I picked them up at three. 

Tessa helped me make dinner while Dave enjoyed the porch swing. Dave doesn’t cook. Although he does tell me that he cleans and I have seen pictures of him mowing their lawn.

Dave and Tessa took Sophie for a walk (although he says that Sophie took them, since they weren’t sure where they were going. Tessa nearly ended up in the bushes while Sophie engaged in some bunny hunting!

Tessa didn’t want Lucy to feel neglected so she played with her with the toy they brought her.

Lilli and Tave arrived and we sat on the deck and had drinks.

Lilli had volunteered to bring an appetizer. She actually brought four! They were all very tasty.

Dinner was paella, which is my go to for company. Unfortunately the rice came out under-cooked and everything else was over-cooked.

I have made this successfully many times and I have since made it again and it didn’t come out well that time either. I think I may be using the wrong burner on this new stove.

We had a lovely time with everyone, despite my dinner fail.

We had one more big excursion planned for the Brown’s tomorrow!


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