Crazy Horse Then Home

Crazy Horse Then Home

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I forrgot to mention that Dave and I put the Iberostar Facebook group into archive on Saturday morning. We decided after things blew up over the pool situation when we were in Vegas that we just wanted to be able to enjoy this trip to South Dakota without worrying what was happening in the group. We have since done this a couple more times and it has worked out well. 

We live in such different time zones that we are able to monitor the group pretty continuously. The vast majority of the people on there are nice and follow the simple rules we have of “be nice” and “no soliciting.” Unfortunately there haave been a few times when things have gotten out of hand. 

When I took over the Facebook group there were less than 1000 members, now we have over 5500. If you are interested in the Iberostar Paraiso Grand consider joining the Facebook group.

Monday morning Zung had a work call. After that we all checked out and went to Tally’s Silver Spoon for breakfast. This was the restaurant we tried to go to last night. 

The food was decent. The service was efficient, but not really very friendly.



I realize that the Hotel Alex Johnson is right across the street. I had considered this historic hotel when deciding where to stay. But old hotels often have very small rooms and even smaller bathrooms.

I knew that there was a small chocolate store in the hotel with some pretty yummy truffles.

We went over and the chocolate counter was actually inside of a Starbucks inside the hotel. We got some truffles. Dave and Tessa were certainly going home with a lot of chocolates!


We drove to the Crazy Horse Memorial.

I visited here when I came to South Dakota several years ago. It is a work in progress but I didn’t see much progress from seven years ago. 

All funds are raised privately. They don’t get any funds from the government. It is a massive project and definitely worth a visit.

First we went inside and watched the movie. There’s a museum inside so we walked around that for a bit.


They have buses that take you closer to the monument.











After Crazy Horse we headed home.

Along the way the Low Coolant warning started going on. I pulled out the manual to see if that was something that we needed to attend to right away. It sounded like it would be okay until we got home. Then it went off and then it went on again.

We stopped for dinner in Wyoming at a Chinese restaurant.

We finally got home about ten thirty. Sophie, our dog, was happy to see us. Lucy, our cat, looked at us like, “Oh, were you gone? I hadn’t noticed.”

We hung out in the living room for a bit and haad wine and drinks. 

It was a fun trip but all the driving and sightseeing made us tired. 

Tomorrow we had a shopping trip planned.


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