Badlands Impress the Browns

Badlands Impress the Browns

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We meet the Browns in the hotel restaurant for breakfast. The meal does nothing to change my opinion that Rapid City’s dining scene leaves a lot to be desired.

I try to order some English breakfast tea and they don’t have any. Nor do they have any almond milk. So I order orange juice which tastes watered down.

I order a breakfast sandwich. It is so greasy that I only eat half. We head out and our first stop is Starbucks for coffee, tea and coffee cake.

We drive to the Badlands, which takes about an hour. When we make our first stop and get out Dave says, “Bloody hell!” It is spectacular.

We spent a couple of hours driving and getting out and taking pictures at most of the stopping points.






















There was an enormous bumble bee on this flower.










I had Zung take some pictures so I could put a new headshot on the homepage of this log.




This is the one that made the cut.





We stopped at the visitor’s center and gift shop. 




Dave started chatting with someone who was also from the UK. It turned out to be a small world moment because this guy was visiting his daughter and son-in-law who live in the same city we do in Colorado.


We headed back towards Rapid City. We stopped at Wall Drug on the way.



This place is so huge there is even a chapel.



There was a boot store.




We have a rest when we get back to the hotel. We go to downtown Rapid for dinner. Because last night was so bad I decide to try for a restaurant I ate at when I was here before. Unfortunately it is closed for the evening.

I also at at Botticelli that trip. It is nearby so we go there.

What I recall about it is the service was slow and the food was pretty good. Not much has changed.

We are told it is a 45 minute wait. We go to the bar and sit down. They have a bar but it is not staffed. Every so often wait staff come to pour wine. They carefully avoid eye contact with us so they don’t have to ask us if we want anything. We chat for a bit with a man sitting there and also being ignored.

Finally a waiter asks us if wee want anything. We get a bottle of wine and the Brown’s get a bottle of sparkling wine.




We are finally seated. They pour us water and then we are ignored for at least 20 minutes. 

Being the mother of two sons who work in the restaurant industry I am pretty patient in general.  But this is stretching my limits. I get up and go to the host and say, “I understand that you are really busy, but do you think maybe we could at last get some bread?”

The waiter who gave us wine at the bar gets assigned to our table and after that the service was fine. 

Fortunately the food was good.



We took a couple pictures with some of the statues. They have statues of all the presidents but you have to walk all over to see them all. We weren’t really up for that.




Back at the hotel we got a group picture.



Dave and Tessa went to the hotel bar and Zung and I went upstairs and finished the wine we had from dinner.

Staying at a place like Rapid City makes me grateful for the food scene where we live.


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