Road Trip to South Dakota

Road Trip to South Dakota

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We wake up early but don’t actually depart until 9. Which is about one hour later than we had planned. That’s ok. This is a road trip so we could take a little more relaxed approach. 

Our first stop is the South East Wyoming Visitor’s Center.

It is a mini museum and the nicest visitors center I have ever seen. Go Wyoming! Who knew?

Our next stop is in Torrington WY. We stop at a park to eat the lunch we have brought with us. We got sandwiches from Whole Foods yesterday.

They are monster sandwiches. We think that we will be able to save half for tomorrow. Unfortunately they are not that good. 

We also stop at a gas station to use the facilities and get snacks.

We make it to Mount Rushmore at about three o’clock. They are doing construction. 

I’ve been to Mount Rushmore before. I have to admit, it is somewhat underwhelming. It’s impressive what they did, but to actually see it is underwhelming.

We walked to the Sculptor’s studio where they gave a talk about the process of how the memorial came to be and building it.

There are several places where you can take pictures along the path to this building.

We spent about an hour and a half at Mount Rushmore before heading to our hotel. 

There is a spot on the road where you can see Washington in profile.

We stayed at the Cambria Suites hotel. The rooms have a section with a sofa, desk and TV and a partial wall separating that area from the bed and dresser and another TV. It made the room feel cramped. Since there was not a door to the area with the bed I don’t really consider it a real suite.

The bathroom was tiny and the sink had a sulfer smell.

We dressed nice for dinner and went to the Fuji Japan Steakhouse. It was truly one of the worst meals I have had in recent memory. I had the hibachi and it was just terrible.

They drowned the steak and lobster in teriyaki sauce. 

Everyone else got tempura and they were not any happier with their food.

You can see from the plastic cups on the plates that it was not a high end restaurant. We were very overdressed, but did get complimented by the hostess.

This picture was taken back at the hotel in the lobby.

There was a bar and restaurant at the hotel and Dave and Tessa had drinks at the bar. Zung and I went to the room and had wine that we had brought with us.

I was excited for tomorrow. We were going to what I consider the crown jewel of tourist attractions in South Dakota.

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