A Taste of New York in Estes Park

A Taste of New York in Estes Park

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Friday we went to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. We left after breakfast. 

This is a pleasant drive that took us through Longmont, Lyons and Pinewood Springs. When Colorado got our 1000-year flood in September 2013 the town of Lyons got cut off and the entire town had to be evacuated. 

We stopped at the Visitor’s Center and Dave and Tessa bought a calendar. 

We decided that we were hungry and I used my trusty Yelp app to find a restaurant that was highly rated. That took us to Antonio’s Real New York Pizza Restaurant for New York Style pizza.

It was surprisingly very good pizza. Who knew?

With our tummies full we drove through Estes Park and into Rocky Mountain National Park.

Trail Ridge Road was still open so we drove up that. It is referred to as the highway to the sky. It takes you 4000 feet up in elevation to the summit which is 12,183 feet. And I was feeling it. I felt awful. I was lightheaded and got a headache and felt like I just wanted to go to sleep, which I did as we came down.

I had been so worried about the effect of the altitude on Dave and Tessa. I never dreamed I would be the one affected by it. 

We did get some great pics though.

Back in Estes Park we made a Starbucks stop for drinks and snacks. There was a downpour while we were in there that we had to wait out. 

I noticed the Estes Park Pie Shop nearby and decided fresh cherry pie would be great for dessert after dinner. They didn’t have cherry. I ended up getting my fourth choice, which was blueberry.

We headed back home. We stopped in Boulder at Whole Foods for dinner supplies.

I made chicken in white wine with artichokes and tomatoes.

Zung and Ben harvested zucchini and cucumbers from our garden. Zung kept letting the them grow too large.


Tomorrow we were going on a road trip for another out of state adventure.



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