Too Much Vegas

Too Much Vegas

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It seems I always feel like I’ve stayed in Vegas too long. Today was no exception. I hadn’t slept well and woke up feeling lousy.

We had requested late check outs so we could go out and not have to worry about rushing back.

We tried to go to Eggslut at the Cosmopolitan for breakfast but the line was ridiculously long. It seemed like every time we went by there was a long line. Susie and I have been able to get food there without  a long wait. If you are in Vegas it is definitely worth checking out.

We went to Henry’s, which is on the first floor of the Cosmopolitan. I’ve eaten there a few times before and knew it would be good.

After breakfast we go to the Louboutin store at the Crystal Shops. Tessa returns the shoes. She checked how much they would be if she ordered them online and had them sent to her home in England and they were $200 cheaper because of duty fees in the US. I am surprised there is that much of a difference.

We go across the street to the Paris casino and hotel.

We walk around for a while. Checked out a couple of stores.

I had planned to head over to the MGM Grand but I was feeling exhausted. Zung and I go back to the hotel and I try to nap. I am not successful.

Dave and Tessa went to Planet Hollywood and walked through the Miracle Mile shops.

We meet in the lobby at 1 o’clock and all check out.

We have asked if the hotel car can take us to the airport. They say they can in about an hour. I am loving this hotel car thing.

We go to the Starbucks next door to wait. 

In the meantime the Grand Facebook group is blowing up over a change in the pool designations.

Management has decided to make the large pool with the pool bar the quiet pool and what was formerly the quiet pool will now be the acitvity pool. This idea is not going over well with many of the people in the group. It is requiring constant attention from Dave and I.

There is a guy at Starbucks who is acting very weird, so we go over to the Waldorf Astoria and wait in the ground floor lobby.

Dave realized that he had been charged for valet parking. He went up to get that sorted. Not quite sure how that happened! They assure him they will refund the amount to his card. It was $35. 

Does anyone else think what hotels charge for parking is outrageous? 

We get our ride in the hotel Mercedes to McCarran airport. Tessa never could get the Southwest app to give her a boarding pass so she prints it out. We go through security.

There is a candy store in Las Vegas that makes insanely good chocolates. Ethel M. We pop in there and get a box of assorted dark chocolates and cherry cordials. Because I have spent a certain amount I get a free box of assorted chocolates. I convince the Brown’s to get some too.

We get drinks at a restaurant. I am still feeling lousy so I have some Perrier water. 

We board and turn off our phones, happy to get a break from the insanity over the pool situation at the Grand. Hopefully the conversations won’t go off the rails while we are in the air.

Dave and Tessa have mimosas on the plane.

The flight is a little bumpy toward the end. That is typical of flying into Denver late afternoon to early evening.

The airport is such a chaotic mess with the construction. It is not going to be finished soon enough to suit me.

We can’t find the car because we have gone to the wrong floor. We use the remote to make the car horn beep and realize we are on the wrong floor.

Eventually we are on the road, heading for home. I order dinner via Door Dash from a Japanese restaurant. 

We Facetime with Anna Maria, a mutual friend who is at the Grand. She is at the Lobby Bar so Daniel says hi to us. 

We are all tired from our travel day. I am extra tired. 

Overall it was a good trip. 

Dave and Tessa said they would like to return. 

Tomorrow they were going to tour Denver with some Grand friends who live nearby.


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  1. Too much Vegas?? Is that a thing. lol! I always feel like I can stay another day. It is my happy place. Great pictures.

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