A Woman Always Remembers Her First Time

A Woman Always Remembers Her First Time

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We wake up early. I make coffee and tea in the room. I have trouble with the electric tea kettle so I have to try twice. 

We meet the Brown’s in the lobby at 9:30 and take an Uber to the Venetian. We are meeting our friends Chris and Nita at Canonita Mexican restaurant for brunch. it is in the Canal Shops.

Chris and Nita  are sitting at the bar because they arrived early. Chris is a former Marine and he is always early. I’ve known Chris since I was in high school.

We get a table and order drinks and food.

After we finish eating we decide to go have drinks.

Dave and Tessa get their picture taken with a human statue.

Zung and I have stayed at the Palazzo once and they had a champagne bar that I wanted to take the Brown’s to. We go off in search of it. Sadly, it is gone. We go to Bar Luca.

Nita is a shoe person too. I tell her that Tessa has tried on a couple of pairs of Louboutins but has decided not to get them because they are so expensive. Nita tells her that she should get them. “You work hard. You should enjoy the reward for it.”

There used to be a Louboutin shop in Palazzo, but it is no longer there. I look it up and there is one next door at the Wynn. That was a hotel that I had wanted Dave and Tessa to see.

Off we go. There were many picture opportunities along the way.

Finally, we find the Louboutin store.

These are the ones she likes best.

Look at the smile on her face.

When they are ringer her up they ask for picture id. Shee hasn’t brought her passport. I think if she doesn’t walk out of here with these shoes she is going to change her mind again.

Fortunately Dave has pictures of their passports on his phone and they accept that. 

Vegas shops are very strict about requiring picture id.

It is an exciting moment!

But this is not the end of her shoe saga. Just this part of it. There is another trip to the Louboutin store.

We say good-bye to Chris and Nita and thee four of us head to the Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall, which is just across the street.

One of the dresses I brought with me had a stain on it, so I needed to buy a dress for dinner tonight. First we all went to Macy’s, then we split up. Zung and Dave went to the Apple store because Dave wanted to look at the Apple Watch. Tessa and I went to Nordstrom. I had Nordstrom points I wanted to use towards a dress. I found a very nice black dress. If I spent a ceertain amount I would earn some bonus points, so I ended up buying a bracelet too. Which makes no sense at all except in the mind of a shopaholic. I admit it.

We go to the 7 for All Mankind store. These are among my favorite jeans. And they were having a killer sale! These are expensive jeans, but they are worth it. They fit really well and the color holds up really well even after being washed many times. The B (air) are what I bought. They are unbelievably soft. The pair I bought have become my all time favorite pair.

We met up again with Dave and Zung.

They had gone into the Tesla store.

We passed a L’Occitane store and stopped to inspect the products. This is the brand that is used for the Star Prestige and Club members at the Iberostar Grand.  

We are always trying to be good adminstrators!

Several hours of shopping had made us work up a thirst. We found a bar that had outside seating and really good Sangria. Tessa and I both had a couple glasses.

Zung had a Margarita and Dave had a beer.

We took an Uber back to the hotel to rest until it was time to leave for dinner.

We were able to take the hotel car to dinner, which was the Delmonico at the Venetian.  I didn’t even know they had a car. Dave mentioned it. Our driver was very friendly.

The night before Zung and I had said that it had been quite some time since a Vegas restaurant had wowed us. Well, tonight would be the night. The service was amazing. The sommelier was very helpful. Our waiters were awesome and the food was very, very good. I asked our head waiter if he could send the manager over. I knew they always worry it’s for a complaint so the manager was very pleased that in this case it was to tell him what a great experience we had.

He took us on a tour of the kitchen and we got to meet the chef. I told him how much we had enjoyed our meal and thanked him.

There were more picturee ops.

We played some slots at the Venetian.

Then we got an Uber to go back to the hotel. We stoped at Bellagio to drop off Dave and Tessa so they could take some video of the fountains.

We go back to the room and finish the wine.

After the fountains Dave and Tessa went to the hotel bar.

To morrow would see more of theshoe saga. And there will be a drama filled day on the Iberostar Grand Facebook Fan Group tomorrow.


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