Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas

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We are up early on Monday morning. It is Labor Day. We have already checked in for our 9 am flight to Las Vegas. Well, except for Tessa, who couldn’t seem to check in via the app or online. With it being a holiday there was no traffic. The airport wasn’t super busy but it always feels chaotic due to the construction. 

Tessa checked in at the Southwest kiosk. We all had carry-ons. Have I mentioned yet how much I love my Travelpro luggage? It is a dream to push through the airport. 

Here’s a travel tip for Denver International Airport: Always go through Terminal A and then take the train if you need a different terminal. The security lines are always shorter. If you go through the main security you will have to take the train anyway to whatever terminal your plane is leaving from.

We didn’t have enough time for a proper sit-down breakfast, so we stopped at our favorite restaurant, Root Down. We all got fried egg sandwiches. 

We ate our breakfast sandwiches during the short hour and a half flight. 

The Brown’s enjoyed the view from the plane.

When we arrived I ordered an Uber.

Dave and Tessa wanted to drive by the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign. There was a long line to get a picture in front of it so we settled with a drive-by pic.

I have been to Vegas dozens of times and this was the very first time I have seen this sign.

Dave and Tessa soaked up all the over the topness that Vegas has to offer on the strip. Their first impression was that it was big and noisy. “Bigger than we thought it would be” according to Dave.

The Mandalay Bay

The Luxor

New York New York

The Waldorf Astoria, which was our hotel. It was the Mandarin Oriental the last time I was here. I was hopeful that it would still be an amazing hotel with the change in ownership.

It has become our favorite place to stay in Las Vegas. It has no casino. It does have a very calming and serene vibe. 

We checked-in and even though it was only about 10 am we lucked out because our rooms were ready.

We unpacked and then met up in the lobby, ready to explore this crazy over-stimulating city. The Crystal Shops aare a short walk over a walk-over bridge from the Waldorf Astoria. This place is ALL of the designer shops. You better have deep pockets to shop here.

Tessa wanted to try on Louboutins so that was where we went first. She tried on open-toe sling backs this time. She wasn’t ready to pull the trigger though.

The nice thing about the shops in Las Vegas is that no matter how high end they are, they always treat you well. I think it is because they never know who just won a big jackpot and is ready to buy.

After the Crystal Shops we went to the Cosmopolitan hotel, which is right next door.

This hotel must have beeen decorated with Tessa and I in mind because they have these giant shoes in several places.

I am wearing one of the dresses I bought when Tessa and I went shopping in Denver. It is a BCBG MaxAzria and I really love it! I paired it with my pearl sandals, which are also a favorite.

The Cosmopolitan has this outrageous bar called the Chandelier Lounge. It actually is three separate bars on three different levels.

All the walking we had done had made us thirsty, so we popped in to the Top of the Chandelier for some refreshments.

One thing I love about Vegas is you can day drink without getting judged.

Dave and Tessa had drinks called the Chamapagne Socialist. On the menu it said, “Save Water, Drink Champagne.”

We went downstairs to head over to the Bellagio. We stopped for another giant shoe photo op.

Someone walked by and told Tessa she was supposed to get IN the shoe. So, she did. 

Isn’t this the perfect picture of her?

We went outside and crossed the street to the Bellagio. The Paris is right across the street.

We lucked out because it was right when the fountains were going off.

That was one of the things that I wanted the Brown’s to see. I could now check that off the list. 

We went inside so I could check off some more must-see things.

The beautiful Chihuly glass sculpture ceiling.

The Bellagio Conservatory.

We showed them the chocolate fountain.

I bought Susie some macarons. They are one of her favorite treats.

Looking at all the yummy treats made us hungry. We decided it was time for lunch. A new addition to the Bellagio dining scene is Sadelle’s. Zung and I had breakfast when we visited Nicholas in New York last year. We decided that was the best place for lunch.

We were ready for that wonderful Las Vegas service and some good food.

Well, one out of two isn’t bad.


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