Baseball and British TV

Baseball and British TV

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We begin the day by going to Snooze for brunch. Snooze is the absolute best breakfast/brunch restaurant EVER. The Boulder location always has a wait. On a Saturday morning expect over and hour wait.

They recently opened one near our house and it does a good business, but the wait is reasonable. 

Because Snooze is a favorite place to eat we had to take Dave and Tessa there.

In addition to great food, they serve alcohol.

We had originally planned to do the Brewhop trolley in Longmont. You get a pass and the trolley goes to a bunch of different breweries. But Zung and Dave were going to a baseball game later and we decided it would be too rushed.

We ended up spending the afternoon watching Mrs Brown’s Boys. It’s a British comedy. Dave and Tessa brought DVDs of it. It was a riot. We made drinks, ate chips and watched several episodes all afternoon.

Zung and Dave went to a Colorado Rockies baseball game. It was Dave’s first baseball game. He was surprised they hit the ball so infrequently. He said, “He’s getting paid a lot of money. He should be hitting the ball most of the time.” 

They played (and lost to) the Pittsburg Pirates.

They had dinner at the stadium from one of the fine vendors at Coors Field. 


Our baseball stadium was built after we got a major league baseball team. Coors Brewery bought the naming rights and still has them. Unlike our football stadium which has had more names than I can count.

Tessa and I went to Cherry Creek Shopping Mall. It’s the high end mall in the Denver area. It’s been around for 30 years and it’s still a very nice mall.

Tessa bought a pair of earrings. She also tried on a pair of black Christian Louboutins. We don’t have a picture of that. But this was just the beginning of the Tessa and the Louboutins saga. They will show up again in our adventures.

I tried on these very fabulous shoes.

They had a sparkly sole.

I bought a couple of dresses and a top. No shoes though. These beauties were pricey and pricey shoes were not in my budget.

We had dinner at the restaurant at Nordstrom. 

We went home and had drinks on the porch swing.

Tessa is drinking a cucumber soda with prosecco.

The boys came home and joined us.

It had been a fun and relaxed day. 


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  1. Love Dave’s comment : He’s getting paid a lot of money, he should be hitting the ball most of the time… 😂 Gave me a good chuckle

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