Dave’s Birthday

Dave’s Birthday

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Friday started very early for me. My daughter was having surgery and we had to be at the hospital by 5:30. It was a long day for her but she did fine and is now fully recovered. 

It was Dave’s birthday. Zung took them to Boulder for the day. Since it was their first full day and they were probably feeling a bit jet-lagged I wanted it to be a low-key day. Since I wasn’t there I can’t give much detail. 

Their first stop was for a photo op at the scenic overlook on Highway 36.

Then they drove up Flagstaff Mountain to the summit. It provides a spectacular view of Boulder and the front range.

There was a wedding going on.


They drove back down to Boulder. I’m not sure where they were when they took this picture. But those mountains are the famous Flatirons.

They stopped at Pata Jay’s for pizza. Pasta Jay’s is a Boulder institution. It has been there  since 1988. They have the best marinara sauce ever. Lucky for us they sell it in jars so we always have a supply in our pantry.

Dave was really surprised at the high alcohol content of the beer here. I had always thought British beer was strong, but apparently I was wrong. Which is not surprising since I am not a beer drinker.

Colorado has a LOT of craft beers and IPA’s. I actually don’t even know exactly what an IPA is but I hear it used all the time when people talk about the little breweries.

They walked the Pearl Street Mall. It is a pedestrian mall that has been around since 1977. I remember when Zung and I first moved to Boulder in 1978 they had a one-year birthday party for the mall and we went to it. They had a giant cake.

There are shops and restaurants and a water feature that kids play in when it’s hot out. There are often street entertainers, especially on summer evenings.

It is where the Boulder County court house is located.

There are lots of colorful flower beds in the warmer months.

They were going to go to Mount Evans one day and I was stressing about the possible effects of high altitude. Mt. Evans is 14, 265 feet elevation.

We did talk about getting some cans of oxygen. Although they took this picture they didn’t actually buy any. I hoped we wouldn’t regret that decision.

Next stop was Boulder Falls. This is where Zung and I got engaged in 1978.

They came home and had a rest.

Dave and Tessaa relaxed on the porch swing before we went to dinner.

Our kitty Lucy joined Tessa.

Susie, her boyfriend, Ben and I arrived home from the hospital just in time for me to quickly change for our dinner reservations.

We went to Denver to celebrate Dave’s birthday at Tavernetta, our favorite restaurant in Denver. It is part of the Frasca Food and Wine restaurants. Insanely delicious Italian food. 

I was starving. Ben and I had gone to eat breakfast after they took Susie back for her surgery. That had been at 8 o’clock. We never ate lunch because we thought we would be home by early afternoon.

As soon as they seated us I asked them to bring us some proscuitto and parmesan and bread. They have focaccia that is to die for.

Somehow we neglected to take pictures of our food. It was all quite delicious though.

Tavernetta is located at Union Station. It is not in Union Station though so we popped in there for Dave and Tessa to see.

When we got home we were all very tired and went to bed.

Tomorrow we had shopping and baseball on the itinerary. 



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