Going Home Day

Going Home Day

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I sleep well. I am a life-long insomniac so I am always grateful when I sleep well. I use Ambien. I also have tried all kinds of natural sleep remedies. The one that has been helping the most is Sleep by Nature Made. If any of you have good remedies I’d love to hear about them.

At home I use Lavender essential oil in a diffuser. I also put some of the oil in water and spray it on my pillow. I told you I have bad insomnia!

I still am not feeling great, but I do go with Zung to Bella Vista for breakfast. We see Laura (the asst GM). I tell her that I was sick again. She was very concerned and asks if I want to see a doctor. I decline. She asks me a lot of questions about where I’ve eaten and have I drank the water before. I say I don’t think it’s the water, but suspicious about the ceviche.

We run into Elizabeth and she tells us that she will fix our chairs. 

I see Chef Octavio and he asks how I am feeling and wants to know if I need something special prepared to eat. I tell him I’ll be fine. I walk around and take some different things to eat. Nothing tastes very good except yogurt, a banana and some mango. I am sad that I can’t have Chillaquilles but I don’t think that would be a wise choice.

Zung has his usual.

We say good-bye to Asael.

We walk back to the room. I am feeling sad that I’ve been so sick this trip. 

And that the seaweed was so bad the whole time.

Then I decide I will just enjoy my last few hours at my favorite place. So we head out to the beach after we have packed.

Elizabeth has our chairs ready for us. She sets them up so nicely!

As bad as it looks, this was the best the ocean had looked all week.

I was not going to miss the sound of the front loaders and sand sifters driving up and down the beach all day.

I went down to the water, but with all the seaweed I have not gone in all week.

Looking at these pictures breaks my heart. The pictures I have seen recently indicate that the seaweed situation has improved a lot.

We go back to the room and get ready to leave.

The bell-boy comes for our bags and we go to La Brisa and meet Joe and David for lunch. Somehow we did not take any pictures.

Elizabeth walks with us to the lobby. We see Carlos and give him a hug. He used to be a beach waiter and now he works with the union helping to make sure the staff is treated well. 

Big hugs for Elizabeth. I am crying as I say good-bye to her.

Shortly after this she moved over to the Lindo. She then made the decision to leave Iberostar Paraiso. But she is now back with the Iberostar family working in Cancun. 

We check out and take the sad van ride to the airport and fly home.

Thanks for reading along. Sorry it wasn’t a more upbeat trip report. We kind of felt like we needed a vacation do-over. We would get the opportunity when Dave and Tessa Brown, our friends from the UK who we met at the Grand came to visit us at the end of the summer. Subscribe so you can follow along with our adventures.

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