Sick Day #2

Sick Day #2

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I woke up around 3 am. I am not going to share the unpleasant details. I was miserable for a couple of hours. At one point I was in the bathroom and I got very dizzy and didn’t think I could make it back to bed. I grabbed one of the large towels and rolled it out on the floor and laid down on it. I thought to myself how grateful I was that I had such a nice fluffy towel to lay on. You gotta think of the positive.

I have been to Mexico over 30 times. I have a super sensitive stomach and often have tummy issues. I have never been as sick as I was for those few hours. Lesson learned that if you have any doubts about food, don’t eat it.

I was able to sleep for a few hours. I felt too miserable to go to breakfast so Zung went by himself. He first went and got me some Immodium. Note to self: always put this in my travel pharmacy. This is an inexpensive drug that they charge an outragouse amount for at the gift shop.

I ordered tea and a croissant from room service.

Elizabeth has fixed us a place to sit at the quiet pool. She sits and we talk a lot. I just love her. She is so grounded and has such a great outlook on life.

I see Chef Octavio as he is taking a platter of egg rolls around to people by the pools. I tell him that I am sick again and I mention the ceviche. He asks if there is anything he can make for me. I tell him I just don’t really want to eat anything right now.

It is very hot and my stomach is still giving me trouble so I go back to the room. I nap for a bit and then join Zung at La Brisa for some lunch. They have some roast chicken so I put some on a couple little rolls. It really hits the spot.

After lunch I go back to the room, sit on the balcony for a bit. Then I go inside and try to nap again.

Tonight is supposed to be another special dinner. Our friends, Joe and David, are arriving today and we are going to have a nice dinner at Venecia. We have both brought special wines to share. I am determined to feel better by dinner.

I start getting ready for dinner by taking a shower.

I get a text from Joe that their flight is delayed and they are not going to make dinner.

I have to admit, this trip has just been one unfortunate event and disappointment after another.

I dress for dinner.

We get a ride to the lobby and ask for more water in the room. We have run out of cash and so we stop at the ATM. It is in a room just off the lobby. I was planning on getting $200 but it would be a $30 fee so I only got $100. I had brought $400 for tips which is more than usual. However I had been tipping more than usual, especially on the beach.

Try to avoid using this ATM if at all possible. The fees are just outrageously high.

We go to Venecia and I tell them our friends aren’t going to make it. They reseet the table quickly. It is the middle table again and they have decorated it so beautifully again.

We tried the signature cocktails. It was Aperol based and I am not a fan, so I only took a few sips.

We decided to save the wine we had brought to share with Joe and David and give it to them when we saw them tomorrow. 

We ordered some of the Masia Ribot red.

We both had soup for our appetizer.

I had the tomato soup.

Zung had the shrimp scampi soup.

Zung has spaghetti with clams.

I ask them to make me some pasta with a white wine sauce and some roasted vegetables. They are happy to accomodate me. However the chef makes the sauce creamy and that makes it a bit too rich so I end up not eating much. It was really good though and I appreciated that they weere able to make me something special.

I am still just not feeling well and just want to go back to the room.

We saw that Joann and Ray were at a table across the room so we go over and say goodbye, Ray has not been feeling well either.

Zung goes to the lobby to exchange the money we got from the ATM.

I head over to the bar to say goodbye to Daniel. Tomorrow we are going home. He tells me I would feel better if I drank more rum. The thought is not appealing at all.

When we get back to the room we see that they have brought us more water and Victor has also brought several bottles of Vitamin Water. It was a very thoughtful and caring thing to do. I ended up not drinking them because I was adding the electrolyte powder I always use to my water, Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier.

Let me talk for a minute about the water. I applaud Iberostar’s efforts to eliminate single plastic use. I personally try to avoid using bottled water at home because it creates so much trash. We brought our Bubba cups.


I had been adding the  Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier to the bottled water because I have gotten addicted to the taste. I know a lot of people have said they don’t like the taste of the filtered water. I have to agree. It tastes like they have removed too much of the minerals and has a very flat taste to me. Since I always add  Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier to my water at home it was not a problem for me at the Grand. I just added it to their water too. It comes in little packets so it was super easy to put it in my luggage. I think it probably helped keep me hydrated properly because it has the electrolytes.

With my  Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier. and Bubba Cup I was good to go!

We call and ask Victor to come up to the room. Zung gives him a tip and thanks him for taking such good care of us.

I go to bed and sleep well.

Tomorrow was going home day.  I have to say, I felt ready. 

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  1. I love this dress. Glad you started to feel somewhat better.

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