New Towels and Building Repairs – Oh My!

New Towels and Building Repairs – Oh My!

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My first thought when I wake up is that I feel good. My brief illness has passed. Yay for Oscillococcinum

I initially think that I want room service because I know that it is Asael’s day off. But then I decide that I’d really like some chillaquilles. I worry that they would get soggy so we head off to Bella Vista.

We ask for Cecilia but she is not there either. Wait, what??? Christian is our waiter. I have to admit that we really miss Asael. He is always refilling Zung’s coffee, asking if we are okay, do we need anything.

The tea bag I get today is very fancy.

I get my chillaquilles from thee station at the buffet where they make them for you to order. I was so hungry that I wolfed them down before I even thought to take a picture. They were pretty darn yummy.

A topic that the Iberostar Paraiso Grand Fan Group on Facebook gets is about chair saving, aka the towel game. It is not going on today.


It is a quiet and peaceful morning.

The iguanas are out sunning themselves.

This little fecko was getting in on the sunning action too.

There are lots of chairs available at the beach. 

No doubt, this is because the seaweed is really bad.

They continue to work hard to clean it up.

There are times when I am not sure which is worse, the seaweed or the constant traffic from the front loaders and sand sifters going up and down thee beach.

Mimosas help take my mind off of it.

I really like thee Gin Tonic Pepino.

I am sitting there, minding my own business, reading and sipping my adult beverage. Basically, enjoying judgement free day drinking. 

Then all of a sudden there is hammering and drilling behind us. They are erecting scaffolding to the beach entrance of our building. I would later find out they were doing the same thing at the same time to Building 70.

We had really struggled with whether to come because of the seaweed. We really wanted to spend this big anniversary here. As I realized what they were doing I felt like I was going to lose it. This meant that we would have to walk all the way around any time we wanted to get to our room. That is in addition listening to the hammering and drilling.

This was so not the relaxing vacation we had hoped for. What made it even worse was they had been doing construction on our building last year. So, this was becoming a repeat. 

I went up to our room, feeling rather grumpy. I washed my hands and reached down and grabbed the towel to dry them. My hand grabbed a plush, fluffy towel. As I had just been complaining about the towels to Lander last night, this made me literally laugh out loud.

Our room had all new towels. Finally, towels that were worthy of the Grand. 

I mentioned the towels to the concierge. It sounded like a coincidence that they appeared less than 24 hours after I mentioned it to Lander. I asked the concierge about the scaffolding. She said it was for hurricane reinforcement. I wasn’t sure that was the real reason because I have been here so many times before at this time of year and they’d never done it before. And after they got the scaffolding up they were painting. 

I understand that repairs need to be made. I am just feeling beyond frustrated that it has happened two time in a row to us. I really believe that hotels need to give their guests notice that this is going to happen. That way they can decide if they want to change their dates or even change their hotel.

But they don’t. This same thing happened to our daughter and her boyfriend when they went to Tahiti earlier in the month. They had spent a boatload of money to stay for a couple of nights in one of those over the water bungalows. Their experience was significantly diminished by the construction going on that made it really unpleasant to go outside. They ended up getting one of their nights comped when they complained. 

Ok, rant over.

We head off to lunch. 

I get the arachera steak.

I also get some coconut ice cream.

We go back to the beach but the noise is just too much so we head off to the quiet pool. We see the lady we meet from Colorado again and she tells me that her husband joined the  Facebook group.

We go back to the room and get ready for dinner.

Dinner tonight is at the Caribbean.  I would have to say that this is my second favorite restaurant. Where to eat is a common question in the Facebook group. It really depends on what you like to eat. But the Caribbean is pretty popular.

They have decorated our table again.

Zung gets the cold lobster app.

I got the snapper ceviche app. Octavio had recommended it.

It’s a little hard to tell from the picture, but I did not think it looked like it had “cooked” long enough. Most of the fish had pink showing. I took a few nibbles and thought, “I hope I don’t regret this later.” 

Spoiler alert, I would be really, really regretting it in about eight hours. I take full responsibility for eating something I wasn’t sure about. Still, it sucked to get sick again.

Zung had the jerk chicken. It was just as amazing for him as it was for me the other night.

I ordered a dish that is fish on shrimp risotto. The first time I ordered this the rice was undercooked and crunchy. When I ordered it last year I asked for no fish, but they still brought it with the fish. This year they got it right. And it was delicious.

We shared some dessert. Variations on this dessert are in every restaurant. It’s good but it was getting repetitive.

After dinner we went to the Lobby Bar.

Both Daniel’s were there.

We chat for a bit with Joanne and Ray. After they leave we chat with Salin and the Daniels.

Oh, and what is that in front of me? Why, it looks like a chocolate cake shot!

We return to the room to find some surprises for waiting for us. 

Today was a good day. But it was going to take a turn for the worse in a few hours.

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  1. I once had ceviche on an airplane. I woke up a few hours later with projectile vomiting and ended up closing down one of the lavatories.

    I’ve been afraid to order since.

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