The Vacation Day That Ended Better Than It Began

The Vacation Day That Ended Better Than It Began

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I wake up at 8 am. Even sleeping for ten solid hours has not made me feel better. I am still very achy. We go to breakfast. I have a croissant and fruit. Zung has his usual.

We go back to the room and I go back to bed. After an hour or so I say I might as well go lay on the beach. I can just as easily feel lousy out there. So we go park ourselves under a palapa. I did skip putting on a swim suit and just stayed in my shorts and t-shirt.

When we start thinking about lunch Zung goes to La Brisa. I go back to the room. I am hungry, which is a good sign. But I want a sandwich. Specifically the club sandwich from room service. It hits the spot. Even the fries that came with it were hot and crispy. although not as hot and crispy as when I get them at La Brisa. 

After lunch we go back to the beach for a bit.

I feel much improved by dinner. I am convinced it is because I took the Oscilococcinum right away. 

Dinner is at the Japanese restaurant.

We start with a bottle of wine. I think this is becoming one of my favorites.

I really want a stir-fried dish with a little meat and a lot of vegetables. They used to have something like this on the menu. I ask if  the rib-eye is a stir-fry and he tells me yes.

I have seared tuna for an app.

It is very good. 

Zung has shrimp tempura. He says it is the best tempura he has ever had here.

He also has this. I think it was the crispy crab salad. Although it doesn’t look crispy or much like a salad, so I could be wrong.

Our entrees arrived and it was immediately obvious that something had gotten lost in translation.

It was not what I was wanting at all. The mango on the side tasted canned. There was a teriyaki sauce on it.

Octavio, the chef you will see all over the place came by. We talked about how I was expecting something different. I also told him how the scampi last night was not at all like what we think of as scampi. We talked about the different restaurants and he made some suggestions.

Lander the GM came by to chat for a bit. He pulled out his phone where he had a picture I had posted on Facebook of how our bed had been decorated last night and said he was embarrassed about how badly Anniversary had been spelled. we had a good laugh about it. 

When we leave Anahli takes a picture for us. We chat with her a bit.


I am feeling well enough to go hang out at the bar for a bit. I only drink water though. Daniel tells me if I drink some rum that it will make me feel better. Zung has his usual Margarita. 

We chat with a lady, Robin, from the Facebook group. We chat with Daniel, the Star Friend.

We go back to the room and I take Daniel’s (the bartender) advice.

I finish the day feeling so much better than when I started it. 

Random thoughts about the Grand:


Why do they have a lifeguard station but never have a life guard? And they built a new one last year.

And why do they move all the chairs to the back each night?


I probably will not post again for a few weeks. Dave and Tessa Brown are coming to visit us. We are super excited to be hosting their very first visit to the US. I promise to report back about all of our adventures. I think it will make for a truly epic trip report. I will of course finish this current trip report first.

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  1. They move the chairs (usually) to clear the beach for the turtles during their mating season.

  2. Glad you were feeling better. A friend of mine uses those Impress Nails and loves them. She gave me a set and I am getting used to them. However, my dominant hand loses them all the time! She has given me lots of tips, but I think I use my fingers too much. I am going to keep trying because I have terrible nails due to psoriasis. Loving your new blog, but I do not buy online so I cannot contribute that way.

  3. I hope Dave and Tessa have a great time with their visit with you! They may get to see mountains, snow and American wildlife. You will need to keep us updated

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