40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary

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The day starts out good. You always know a day is not going to end well when the first thing said about it is that it started out good. The truth is, things started to go downhill today.

But at least it started out good.

We went to breakfast. There is a station where they grill things. Usually they serve them on little flour tortillas and getting them with beef is one of my favorite breakfasts. Today they were making little potato latkes to serve them on. I had them with the grilled beef.   The latkes needed to cook longer. I don’t like my potatoes al dente.

Zung had his omelette and fruit. We had mimosas.

We went to the beach. Sweet Elizabeth had set up our chairs for us already. She took such good care of us all week.


The new towels are not only fluffy but they are fun too. Who doesn’t want to lay on a shark?


Zung likes the shark. I like the jellyfish. I don’t like to swim with jellyfish but I can watch them for hours.

We settle ourselves. We had some drinks. We look like we are enjoying ourselves here.

My drink matches my towel.

The truth is that I started feeling yucky early on. At first my stomach just felt unsettled.

We headed to La Brisa at lunch time. On our way we ran into Laura, the assistant GM. We chatted about the outdoor beach bar. It has not been very busy. I confess that we have not been yet. I tell her that we like to hang out with Daniel at the Lobby Bar. She says that she has told management the way to get people to go there would be to put Daniel there. She is probably right.

Truth be told though, it is usually fairly windy by the beach in the evening and I don’t know that I would enjoy being there every evening.

My appetite is not good at lunch. I order fish but don’t eat much.

I do drink a little bit of wine. Not nearly as much as I usually do though.

Zung has his usual.

I skip ice dream but do get a picture with the always smiling Asael.

We go back to the beach. i start to feel like I do when I am getting the flu. That achy feeling. I go back to the room to take a nap,

I am feeling worse by the minute. I always have my anti-flu homeopathic, Ossilliococcinum. I buy the big boxes because I always take it at the slightest hint that I am getting sick. I rarely get sick and when I do it doesn’t usually last long.


I take some of it and some Ibuprofen. I really, really don’t want to miss our anniversary dinner. We have brought a very special bottle of wine from home to drink with dinner. 

I decide I can power through and I shower and dress. 

I had bought a special dress. Those are pearls all over the dress.

Sunday nights they have a Mexican buffet, a Mariachi band and special Mayan themed show. We really don’t like buffets for dinner, so our reservation was at Venecia. It was the only ala carte option. Venecia is probably on par with L’Atelier for being the most romantic restaurants. 

They had a table decorated for us and it was really nice.

They had a special bottle of Cava (Italian sparkling wine) for us. Alfredo, one of the managers was there. He opened the Cava and took a whole slew of pictures for us. 

It was all so lovely.

And I was just not feeling it. 

We both ordered the shrimp scampi but it was not what we are used to. The shrimp were big and fresh. But it came with vegetables and a tomato sauce. And all I really wanted was to go back to the room and go to sleep.

Since we had the Cava we decided to not drink the special wine that we brought. We would save it for another night. As it turned out, we just took it back home with us,

Zung ordered some dessert.

He ate it. I didn’t even want a bite. They were obviously surprised when we left so quickly. We were out of there in less than an hour. We explained that I wasn’t feeling well.

We took a golf cart back to the room. The concierge asked how dinner was and we said it was nice, but I wasn’t feeling well. 

We went up to the room and Marco, our butler was just walking out. He looked very surprised to see us back so soon.

He had drawn us a bubble bath and the maid had decorated the bed (although the spelling was interesting).

It was all so lovely, but sadly wasted on us. I crawled into bed. The concierge called to see if I needed anything. I just wanted to go to sleep. And I did. 

I slept for ten hours.


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  1. Is the outdoor bar for everyone or just for prestige guests? We saw the bar but didn’t know if it was open to everyone. We enjoyed the bar outside of The buffet restaurant last time, but this time it wasn’t open in the evenings.In my dreams they open a bar on the upstairs outside terrace and have Daniel there!
    Thanks for sharing your trip!!

    1. I was referring to the bar outside the buffet. The other one in the white area is just for Club members and Star Prestige guests.

  2. I’m so sorry you became ill on your special anniversity(😁) night!

  3. love the dress

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