Libations and Wanderings

Libations and Wanderings

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After lunch our tummies were full. We went back to the beach and napped off our drinks. 

The weather was warm. The water was not inviting. I am not one of those people who wants to be in the water all the time. But it is nice to cool off once in a while. We decided to go visit the Tranquility (aka Quiet) Pool. 

We easily found  a cabana to park our things. The water was the perfect temperature. I am a serious cold water wuss and the temp of this water was the perfect combo of comfortable but refreshing.

A friendly lady came up and started talking to us and where do you think she was from? Our own home state of Colorado. She wa super friendly and we chatted for a long time.

After we got out I wrapped myself up in towels like it was freaking December. What was up with that?

We went back to our room. I showered and then enjoyed a rum and coke on the swing.

The limes are such a nice little extra that makes the drink just a little yummier.

And may I say how awesome my nails look? I love my Impress Nails

We dressed for dinner, which was at L’Atelier, aka the Gourmet restaurant.

And yes, I am fully aware that I have gained too much weight to wear this dress. It has since been passed on to a thinner woman.

We arrived at the restaurant, courtesy of a golf cart chariot. We ordered a bottle of Masia Ribot red. 

It was cold. Ice cold. We didn’t say anything because it doesn’t take long for things to warm up. But Yamil, the sommelier came by and started to pour us some more. I asked him not to because it was so cold and a smaller amount it the glass would warm up faster.

He was soon replacing our cold bottle with one of a more appropriate temperature.

Yamil is a really good sommelier. He doesn’t pressure you to buy wines that are extra. He is really friendly and helpful. Definitely an awesome addition to the Iberostar team.

Raul is our waiter. He has been at the Grand for at least nine years. Our first encounter with him was here at L’Atelier. He has worked in several other areas and restaurants. It is always a joy to see him. He took good care of us.

L’Atelier used to be our least favorite restaurant. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t particularly good. They changed their menu a few years ago and we’ve enjoyed it much more since.

They were celebrating some kind of Oceans day today. They had a special tasting menu which Zung had. I ordered off the regular menu.

First there was an amuse bouche. We ate most of it before we remembered to take a picture.

They were tasty little bites.

Zung got an assortment of bites for his first course.

I had the tuna tartar with strawberry soup. It sounds weird but it’s really good. Trust me. Try it.

I had the pork confit. It is supposed to havee a crispy topping but this time it was pretty soggy. The actual pork tasted good though.

The round things are apples.

Zung had a couple of courses.

Dessert was the repeating chocolate roll.

And Zung got something special for the tasting menu.

We asked Raul if they still did the Mayan coffee tableside. This involves mixing of flaming liquor and is quite a show. Apparently they don’t like to do the whole thing tableside anymore. I think probably because it takes so much time. Raul did a mini version for Zung.

Quick picture in front of the restaurant.

Then it was off to the lobby to exchange some money into pesos and then to the Lobby Bar.

Oh Daniel.

Guess what I drank?

We were very tired and didn’t stay long. 

We went back to our room and finished the wine from dinner. 

Tomorrow was our 40th anniversary!

I guess this is what Daniel thought of that.



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  1. I enjoy reading your travel tales, at least 4 years now. It might be helpful if you identified the month/year you went, sine I see so many questions about capacity, weather, seaweed…..etc.

    1. I’ll try to remember to do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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