Sunny Saturday

Sunny Saturday

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We woke up to a beautiful day. But you’ll just have to take my word for it since my first pictures were of food.

We don’t vary our routine much. We headed off to Bella Vista.

I decided that on day two of my vacation I would have Blinis for breakfast. Lobster blinis. Not to be confused with bellinis. Although maybe next time I will order blinis with a bellini.

These are chunks of lobster in a decadent cream sauce served on little pancakes. They come three to a plate but I always ask for only two because they are Rich with a capital R.

I had a mango Mimosa to wash it down. Zung had his omelet. And donut.

There was no mango at the buffet so I asked for some. Boy, did they bring me mango.

You want mango? We’ll bring you mango!

The mango there is so delicious. Back in Colorado they call these champagne mangoes.

After we had properly stuffed ourselves at breakfast it was off to the beach.

And another mango Mimosa.

The seaweed smell is not as bad today. Either that or I’m getting used to it.

There is still a ton of it on the beach. I don’t know where the seaweed slingers are today. They must be working down at the other Iberostar hotels. There was a point, after a few adult beverages, that I decided the piles of seaweed were rocks. Hey, it worked for me. Sorta.

Jonatan is our beach waiter today. AKA the hot beach waiter. I have a picture of him somewhere but I just spent about half an hour looking for it and couldn’t find it. So you are going to have to take my word for it. Hot.

The beach is so empty. It feels weird.

I go to the concierge and make dinner reservations for the rest of our stay. Itxa is the concierge and she is training Hector. We are talking about how hot it is. I comment that their uniforms must be so hot. They are polyester. And I ask her how to say, “Hot as hell” in Spanish. “Que Diablo es estos.” It becomes my new Spanish phrase. I practice and perfect it. I tell everyone there and it gets a laugh from everyone.

I have a trucker mouth and this has bonded me to Itxa.

Actually, she is a lovely, poised woman who is excellent at her job. I enjoyed seeing her every day. If you see her please tell her that Mrs.Tran said hello.

When it is lunch time we head of to La Brisa. I see that they are making a giant pan of paella. I love a good paella. When we are seated I ask Asael if it would be ok for me to go get some. He, of course, gets me some. It never occurred to me to ask him.

It had shrimp and fish and chicken and it was bland. Not nearly enough spice. My paella is so much better if I do say so myself.

I had a salad and fries as well.

And I’m going to make you guess what Zung had. Bet you can’t!

Asael loves Zung. He always knows what he is going to order. Victoria beer and shrimp fajitas.

He brought me coconut ice cream.

It had been a good day so far. Despite the seaweed. And there was more goodness to come. Things would get rocky after this day.


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  1. Mango mimosas, I must try one! I love mangos. Just an observation, but 2015 is missing from your blog. I only say this because my picture is there and I am tracking how old I am looking from year to year! Tell Zung I agree with him, shrimp fajitas, Yeh!

    1. Oh bother. Not sure how that happened. Thanks for the head’s up.

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