The Return of the Shrimp Fajitas

The Return of the Shrimp Fajitas

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We make our way to La Brisa and ask to be seated in Asael’s section. He remembers what we drink, of course. He brings Zung a Victoria beer and me a glass of Masia Ribot white that never gets empty.

He asks Zung if he wants shrimp fajitas. That’s a yes.


I order the fish of the day, which is Sea Bass. That ends up being the fish of almost every day. And of course it wouldn’t be lunch without french fries. I don’t really have to say hot, fresh and crispy to Asael because he knows.


I always ask for a bunch of limes with my fish.

We see Felix, the Captain from the Caribbean restaurant. He asks where we are eating tonight and I tell him here, at the Caribbean. He asks what kind of wine I think I’d like. Felix is awesome at helping to choose wine. 

We see Margarito, the manager of the Italian restaurant, Venecia. 

Asael brings me coconut ice cream even without me asking. That’s because he asked me at breakfast if I’d want it so he could make sure they had it. The last couple visits the coconut ice cream was not as good as it usually is.

This time it is delicious. 

With our tummies full we headed back to the beach.

When our beach waiter comes around I ask to see the drink menu. When I look at it I remember how much I liked the gin tonic pepino and so I order one of those. 

Yea, it’s another cucumber drink. I like cucumber drinks. They are light and refreshing.

And they help take my mind off feeling like I am in a construction zone.

Zung asks for some water and he is brought this adorable little bottle. It is plastic, but it is reused and sanitized after use.

A Star Friend comes by. It is a new Star Friend who I hadn’t met yet. 

His name is Daniel (pictures to come). I know I won’t forget his name because, well, it’s Daniel!

We chat for a while. 

When the afternoon gets late we go back to the room. 

There was a fruit basket on the table. That is usually there when we arrive. We rarely eat much from it and it feels like such a waste. The flowers I miss. The fruit basket, not at all.

I go out to the balcony and sit on the swing. Perhaps sit is not the right word. I think recline is a more accurate term. 

And nap. There was definitely napping that occured.

We get ready for dinner.

We are eating at La Brisa so we walk. 

As we are walking we pass two butlers. I honestly can’t remember who the one butler was because all I could see was my sweet Gabriel in a butler uniform.

Gabiel is the best beach waiter ever. And I have had some really awesome beach waiters. But Gabriel is special. And I just know he is going to be the best butler ever.

I told him how proud if him that I was and gave him a hug. I don’t know why but I felt like a proud mom.

This is one of the things that I absolutely love about the Grand. How they let the employees move around. 

We said good-bye to Gabriel and  continued on our way to La Brisa.

We were seated and Felix brought us an amazing Montepulciano.

Let me confess right here. I am a wine snob. I know that there is a difference between a $20 bottle of wine and a $100 bottle of wine. And I know this ain’t no $100 bottle. It’s still very good. There are very drinkable wines on the included list. 

And to be completely upfront and honest, most wines I drink on a day to day basis are $20 or less. I ain’t no trust fund baby.

Dinner was great. I had my favorite appetizer, which is thin slices of avocado wrapped around cous cous and veggies. It is creamy and crunchy all at the same time.

Zung had it as well.

He had the shrimp for his entree and declared them delicious.

I had the Jerk Chicken.

I have had the jerk chicken once before and let’s just say it was less that memorable.

This time it was so delicious. It was juicy and tender. It had a curry sauce going on. It had some yummy fresh and crunchy veggies going on.

OMG! If you go to the Grand and eat at La Brisa, get this chicken!

You’re welcome.

We had some dessert.

This chocolate roll thing would become very familiar. I think they are making it in mass and calling it something different and putting it in a different surrounding. That’s a little cheesy, if you ask me. 

There was a couple sitting next to us. They told their waiter that they were very sick and they needed something very bland. Then she went up and went to the buffet to get some appetizers. They ordered wine. But everyone that came to their table they told that they were very sick. 

Ummmmm…just sayin’.

After dinner we went to the bar. 

Hey! We have to go to the bar when Daniel is there. 

He made me a cucumber mojito and Zung a Margarita.



Daniel and I talked about how Dave and Tessa Brown are coming to visit us this summer. He told me the kind of spirits they like.

Normally I would stock up. But I want to show them that we have the largest liquor store in the world. Legit.

Dave Co Liquor.

We go back to the room and are pleasantly surprised by flowers. I did request them because I love flowers. 

This made me happy.

We had requested that the rest of the bottle of the wine that we ordered at dinner be sent back to the room. We finished it and went to sleep.

Seaweed was a bummer. Not gonna lie. 

Service and food was a winner.

Ready for another day in paradise.


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