So many old friends

So many old friends

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We slept until 8. I never sleep this late back at home. Even with the time change this is late for us to sleep. 

It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day in paradise.

We headed out to breakfast. Victor was down in the lobby area. I’m referring to the open area of our building, as opposed to the main lobby area. 

I asked him about the yellow water in my sink. He said he had been told the problem was no hot water. He said he would have someone look at it while we were at breakfast. To wrap this problem up, he said it was because there was no one in the room for a couple of days, but it was fine now. 

At Bella Vista we asked for Asael. It’s always so good to see him! And his memory is just freaking amazing. He remembers what kind of tea I drink. He remembers that we drink Mimosas. He even remembers that I like Chilaquilles with no onion and just a little crema. He is amazing. 

Lori, a member from the Facebook Group stopped to say hello. She said she had hoped to meet me last night but she was sick. She said she told her husband, “But Andrea is here and I wanted to meet her!” 

I love meeting people that read my blog and are in the Facebook Group. Even though there are profile pictures by names it just helps me when I see their posts, “Yes, I know who that is!”

I had an appetizer of pineapple and bacon while I waited for my Chilaquilles. As I was walking around the buffet I saw that they have a Chilaquilles station now, where they will make your Chilaquilles fresh for you. Of course, Asael is so wonderful that he didn’t tell me to just get them myself at the buffet. He didn’t even mention it.

Zung got his favorites.

My Mimosa and Chilaquilles arrived and I was a happy, happy girl. 

Ok, my “girl” days are long over, but I was a happy, happy lady. It’s really not polite to mention that. Or even think it. Stop thinking it! I’m young at heart.

After breakfast the next stop was our room and then the beach. While we were at the room we had to call security to have them open our safe. I wonder if they keep track of how many times you’ve had to call them, the way AAA does? 

The moment has come. Time to go to the beach and see how the smell from the seaweed is. 

We are beach people. We really don’t spend much time at the pool. Rarely at the big pool. That is just too noisy and crowded. If we go anywhere it is to the quiet pool or spa pool. 

The beach is practically empty. 

We pick a spot. We are creatures of habit. Our spot is almost always on the right, close to the massage hut. 

The seaweed is bad. There is no way to sugarcoat it. It is piled up on the shoreline and the water is brown from it almost to the horizon. 

We can see down towards Building 71 there are 7 workers trying to make some headway. There is a front loader that they put it into and a sand sifter that goes over the beach after they get the worst of the piles. That way they are not taking too much sand with them. They take the seaweed to the area just past the grounds of the Grand. It has built up an enormous mountain.

This goes on the entire time we are here. It is like being in a construction zone. But we zone it out. The smell is not bad because there is a breeze. 

The sound of the ocean is still wonderful to listen to.

But the ocean feeds my soul and this time my soul just feels confused.

There is literally only one or two other couples on the beach. We get very good service. I ask our beach waiter if this is his only area and he says yes. I tell him I will order extra. I also tip him more than usual. 

I am cheered up when I hear my name. I look up and there is the most wonderful smile, and it belongs to my amiga Elizabeth.

We talk for a long time. She used to work as a waitress in the bar. That is where I met her. Then she worked as a cigar concierge. Now she is working as a pool concierge. She said she is transferring to the Maya and Lindo as a cigar concierge because she really liked doing that.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work out for her and she is no longer with Iberostar. This makes me so sad because she was truly one of their best employees. I will miss that thousand watt smile.

We waited until 1 pm to go to lunch so that Asael would be there. The time was now!



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