An Old Friend Behind the Bar and In My Glass

An Old Friend Behind the Bar and In My Glass

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After hugs and kisses we settled ourselves on some barstools and Daniel asked what we’d like to drink. 

Zung always orders a Margharita on the rocks. He says Daniel makes the best Margs ever. 

I order all kinds of drinks. I like variety. I decided to live dangerously tonight. 

I order a Chocolate Martini. 

I haven’t been consuming much milk or cream in the last several years. I just feel better without it. I love Daniel’s Chocolate Martinis. I had him try making me one a few years ago with Almond Milk. It was not an acceptable alternative.

Tonight I threw caution to the wind and had him make me one of his delicious Chocolate Martinis.

He even made it all fancy.

He then very carefully made Zung’s Margharita.


We chatted briefly with Daniel, catching up on his life. We asked how his son, Mathew is doing. He is doing well. 

It was not long before Ray and Joanne Bush came up. We have never met before but I know them from the Facebook Group. We spent the rest of our time in the bar chatting with them.

I tried some new Cuban rum that they have now. I can’t remember the name, but I had it neat. It was pretty bland. Definitely not better, or even as good as the Atlantico. 

We were tired so we didn’t last long. Travel day is always tiring. We headed back to the room.

I forgot to mention this before but the second time I turned on the faucet in my sink the water was yellow. It didn’t happen the first time, but I turned it on again for Zung to see. It was definitely yellow but then cleared as I ran the water.

I mentioned it to the concierge when we left for dinner. I wanted to make sure the water was safe to use. 

We tipped Daniel and took a golf cart back to our building. 

This was waiting on our door.

That was a first and a nice little touch.

Inside was this.

The dark Atlantico rum was in our room so I decided to have some rum and a bath. Don’t worry, Zung always check on me every few minutes to make sure I don’t fall asleep in there.

If you look closely, I am holding up my little glass of rum. 

It must have helped me sleep, because I slept very well!

I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

There were so many things I was looking forward to tomorrow.


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  1. Have you ever figured out what they use for the bubbles? We tried the green mineral bath soap that is usually stocked in the bathroom with little success.

  2. The shower gel? But I feel like that is green too, so maybe we are talking about the same thing? We get decent bubbles, as seen in our corner suite balcony jacuzzi pics.

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