Our 40th Wedding Anniversary Trip of Ups and Downs

Our 40th Wedding Anniversary Trip of Ups and Downs

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Zung and I knew we wanted to celebrate our 40th anniversary in a big way. 40 years is a pretty damn big deal. We just were not sure that a trip to Mexico was in our budget this year.

We were going to have a big party that was both a housewarming and anniversary party combined. That would involve caterers because I just don’t do big parties any more if I can’t have someone else do all the work. It’s the only way you can enjoy a party IMO. And if you can’t enjoy your own anniversary party what is the point of having it?

We looked at the cost of the hotel and decided to go for it. We could do the air fare with points. Then there are the non-travel costs, like the parking garage and boarding for our dog. 

Yes, we park in the garage. The last time we didn’t there was a big hail storm and it beat the hell out of my car. When it’s a car vs hail, the car never wins. Seriously, this was so bad that it broke my side view mirror. Parking in the garage is like insurance.

We booked and the countdown began. 

It was a busy time in the weeks before. We had our party and our son came to visit for that. 

I had a Gamma Knife procedure for my Trigeminal Neuralgia. (So far, so good.)

Susie and I got pedicures the  week before when she and her boyfriend went to Tahiti the week before our trip. They travel on a budget and she wrote about how to save money on a trip to Tahiti.

They were coming back the day before we left for Mexico. We had been cat sitting for them and so they were going to come back to our house that night. Late. However, LAX had a power outage and their flight got cancelled. We scrambled to help them find a hotel room at 10 pm.

We got a good night’s sleep since they weren’t coming in at one in the morning. 

I put on my stick on nails. This is my secret to great looking nails. I use ImPress stick-ons. They are so easy to apply. You pick the best size, peel off the backing and voilá, you have awesome looking nails. They usually will last a good week before my nail has grown out enough that I want to take them off. I always get compliments on my nails. And I always confess that they are not mine. 

I’m not sure but my nails have been having issues and I just can’t grow them. With ImPress I don’t need to.

We got up bright and early at 6 am. We planned to leave at 8 am. My awesome new TravelPro suitcase held everything I put into it. But it was too heavy. Southwest Airline lets you check two bags for free but they can only be 50#. My bag was weighing in at 65#.

We had to rearrange some things and then we were good to go.

I was excited to try this bag out in terms of its ease of rolling capabilities. It did not disappoint. It was freaking awesome.

We ended up leaving 20 minutes later than we planned. We were hoping we would still have time to have breakfast and Mimosas before we had to board.

We had obviously forgotten the nightmare they call construction that is going on at Denver International. We had to walk all over the place to get to Terminal A. Our flight leaves from C but it’s usually faster to go through security at A and then take the train to C. There is just way too much humanity We get to security and they pull my travel bag because I forget to take my iPad out.

After that all got squared away we went and got the train. But then when we got to the restaurant there was a wait for a table and that just made it too long to be able to sit and eat (and drink Mimosas). We went to the Grab and Go counter and ordered breakfast sandwiches. The very nice cashier said we could go to the bar area and order our Mimosas while we waited for our sandwiches to be made.

We had to chug them pretty quickly, but at least we got them.

Of course once we got to the gate we had to wait because they boarded later than they said they were going to. Gotta love the hurry up and wait routine.

Southwest does not assign seats. They assign you a place in line and we had paid extra to get a better place in line so we would have a better choice of seats. Once we boarded we ended up in Row 2.

I really, really like to sit in the aisle seat. I’m a recovering fearful flyer. I like to be able to see the flight attendants. If a noise or smell or turbulence is worrying me then I will look at them. If they are chatting away or just looking bored then I feel reassured. 

Zung was sitting in the middle seat. He gets good husband points for always being willing to sit in the middle seat. The lady in the window seat was a Southwest flight attendant who had just come off probation. 

The flight was uneventful. I watched a Netflix series I had downloaded, Dead To Me, played Candy Crush and read my People Magazine.

Once we arrived in Cancun we had a longer than average Immigration line. That took so long that our bags were waiting for us. You just walk through Customs now and then it took a few minutes to find the Canada Transfer guy with my name on the sign.

Canada Transfers gives you cool washcloths to wipe of the travel and bottles of cold water. 

From the airport to the Iberostar Paraiso Grand it is about 25 minutes and costs $79 for a private van. 

Before we knew it we were hugging the bell boys and being ushered in to sit at the bar while they checked our passports. I like getting to hang out at the bar because I usually get to see Daniel. We almost didn’t because he was late today. 

We had some sparkling wine and exhanged some money while we waited.

Anhali from PR comes by to say hello. Someone else comes to tell us we have a choice of which ocean front room we want for our stay. They have a ground floor corner suite in Building 70 or a third floor standard room in Building 71. 

We have stayed in 71 for so many years that we chose that. I like being at the end of the resort because it is quieter. The butlers and concierg’s get rotated, so we didn’t know who we would get. It doesn’t really matter because they are all so good. 

Hector, one of our favorite bellboys (okay, they are all our favorites!) drove us to our building and I wasn’t really prepared for what I’d see. And smell.


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  1. What did you do to your head?

  2. The suspense! 71 my go to building sounds like a potential poor choice this season……might have to swit ch to a villa next week?

    1. The smell wasn’t as noticeable on our balcony. But the view was not what it usually is for sure. But I like the sound of the ocean. If you’re wanting to stay in a villa though, now is a good time.

  3. I had Gamma Knife surgery. The screw a metal frame into your head with four screws. After they take it off they put a piece of gauze over each wound and wrap it like that. I thought it looked so funny.

  4. Welcome back. Your new blog is awesome! Happy Anniversary. Was the smell the rotting sargassum?? Eew!

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