This Isn’t Goodbye

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These are pictures from last night that Steve took. A little out of order but too good not to include.

I got up early so I could go see Daniel one last time.

Greg had been there every morning also.

It was a beautiful day.

We had breakfast, got packed and then went to spend our last few hours at the beach.

There was a couple from yesterday who had asked if we wanted to use their coupon for a couples massage. Greg and Stephanie had been there and it was decided that Erika and Stephanie would use it.

There was some back and forth with the massage people and the concierge, trying to find out if the coupon was transferable. The couple had gotten it as part of their room package and they were leaving and didn’t have time to use it.

It was ultimately decided that Erika and Stephanie could use it. While they got massaged Greg came over and we talked.

After the massages it was the sad time to go up to the room and shower and get ready to leave.

The bell boy came and my suitcase was on the counter/shelf (not sure what you call it) for a suitcase. He went to pick it up and the zipper came apart.

Oh No!

I was able to zip it back again and he said they could wrap it with plastic. That seemed like a good idea since the baggage handlers aren’t known for being gentle and careful with our luggage.

Spoiler alert, I just recently bought a new suitcase. My requirements are

#1 super-light

#2 lots of room

#3 good spinners

Since I love my TravelPro carry-on I decided to stay with the TravelPro family.

I love the color and am fully aware that it will show the dirt. But every time I see that 90% of the suitcases on the baggage claim carousel are black I am sure that I will never get a black suitcase.

I was once traveling with someone who had someone else pick up his suitcase because…wait for it…they were both black! It got sorted out before we all left the airport, thank goodness, because it was in Mexico when it happened.

Truth be told, I was secretly happy that my suitcase broke because it did not have good spinners. I wanted a new one every time I used it.

I’ll be putting it to the test in the not too distant future. Can’t wait to see how it performs.

Back to our regularly scheduled blog.

We took a couple of last pictures on the balcony.

I am always sad to leave.

Erika and I said our good-byes to the concierge and butlers. Then we were off to La Brisa for lunch.

Steve and Janelle came by to say good-bye and to chat.

I enjoyed some coconut ice cream. But if I’m honest I have to admit the ice cream is not as good as it used to be. I heard recently that they are buying a different kind. That was NOT a good decision.

After lunch we made the sad walk to the lobby.

We stopped to take a pic of Erika in the gondola.

We got to the lobby and I checked out and our ride was there and then we were on our way to the airport.

We checked in quickly, got through security and Erika bought some tequila in the Duty Free shop for her daughter. I just took some pictures. My boys were born in the years of the tiger and monkey.

We had some time so we went to the Wolfgang Puck restaurant and had a glass of overpriced wine.

The flight home was uneventful.

I had told Zung to bring me a coat since mine was lost and it was cold.

Erika and I had a really, really good time. I miss seeing her regularly.

I am going to be MIA for a while because I am going to try to be working in the background to make my blog look a little better and easier to navigate. I would really LOVE your feedback after I’m finished.

I will tell you upfront that I am going to be writing more posts to try to monetize it so that I can afford to keep writing it. I hope you enjoy those posts also.


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  1. Andrea, great luggage color choice…i have a similar blue by samsonite. We won’t have to worry about mixing up our luggage in cancun becuase they’ll probably end up at the same hotel anyway!

    1. I love blue! And you’re right, I’m sure we’ll all be back at the Grand!

  2. Two years ago we bought a red Ricardo Beverly Hills 26 incher with spinner wheels which we love. Never have a problem finding it on the belt (also because I put multicolored hair ties on it! And it is so easy to maneuver. What do I do with those old suitcases that we don’t use anymore? Still have the old black carry-ons, which really need to go! Take your time getting the blog right, we will be here waiting for you.

    1. It will be a new and improved version!

  3. I have a new deep purple TravelPro usince October. I also have the same blue color you have in another brand the last 3 years. Both were perfect until this last trip to the Grand. My blue one had so much black on one side. The purple one also but not too bad. I can’t imagine what got on them. I noticed most of everyone’s luggage was dirty from that flight. So a funny story. I don’t buy black luggage anymore. I tied a pink bow on the handle one year. I left the airport with it. When I got home and opened it I screamed. lol. It was someone else’s luggage. The exact same brand and little pink bow on the handle. We ran back to the airport and my luggage was being rolled into an office. The other woman had my luggage. Exact one! Now I have several tags on the handle. So much black luggage at the airport! Never ever will do black again!

    1. That story is so funny! Even though we don’t have black luggage Zung puts a little piece of yellow tape on the handle. It helps!

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