Cheating on Daniel

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We had a busy night planned. We had dinner. Then we planned to go to the Lobby Bar. That probably had more to do with meeting up with Janelle and Steve than all of a sudden wanting to be party girls.

People that are looking for a party usually aren’t that impressed with the Lobby Bar anyway. For us it is a fun place to spend a few hours. It often has some kind of nice music. But it’s a low-key atmosphere.

If you want loud music and dancing there is the disco. I’ve gone there a grand total of once. That time was because if peer pressure. I’m perfectly happy to sit at the bar and talk to Daniel and my friends.

We got a golf cart ride to the Italian restaurant, Venecia.

I did something there that I have never done before. You’re going to be amazed that I’ve never done it before.

We sat outside.

But I didn’t get a picture of it! So you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

Dinner was really good.

Erika had roasted vegetables for her app. I must have had the same thing since that was the only picture I took.

For our main course I had the lamb and she had the gnocchi. Gnocchi is often made with egg but they confirmed for her that this was not. She was pretty excited about getting to eat gnocchi and said that it was really good.

I am a real gnocchi snob. My son, Nicholas makes the best gnocchi. It’s little pillows of light, airy potato deliciousness. I only order it at a couple restaurants where I know it will be as good as his. Erika let me have a bite of hers and it was surprisingly pretty good.

This was someone’s dessert. LOL.

Next stop was the Lobby Bar.

We let Dario show us what he could do. He was nice and his drinks were good. But he is not as good as Daniel, of course!

Janelle and Steve showed up. Steve seemed to be feeling no pain.

Erika and I did chocolate cake shots.

You can see that she barely sipped hers. I had to drink hers too.

Erika and I didn’t stay late. We just don’t have it in us.

We did take some pictures with Janelle and Steve. I am including all of them here because Steve looks so funny.

There were some treats for us back in the room.

Erika couldn’t eat the strawberries because the chocolate probably had some milk in it even though it is dark chocolate. It was all up to me. A tough job and I wasn’t quite up to the job of finishing all of them.

We had no disappointments with our last evening. And Erika was suitably impressed with the Grand and how they treat vegans.


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  1. Been reading your blog since the In The Roo days, keep it up, please… Note, recently your pics are right side up, sideways and upside down 🙁

    1. That makes me smile that you’ve been following my trips for so long. I am sorry about the pictures. Do you have Safari! I have Crome and they look right to me so I don’t know how to fix this. I’m open to recommendations though!

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