Somewhere On a Beach

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This was just the kind of trip everyone needs once in a while. The kind where you eat, drink, lay on the beach, repeat.

The weather gods had smiled kindly on us for this vacation.

I did some carb loading for breakfast. No reason to. I did it just because I was on vacation and I can! At least it was from the four food groups: thin carbs, rolled flaky carbs, fried carbs and bacon.

We had loose plans for a relaxing beach day so after breakfast we headed back to our room to get ready for that. We took our Mimosas with us.

I had also talked to Daniel about meeting him for lunch. He was going to text me when he woke up. Spoiler alert, he slept all day so we ended up with a relaxing day on the beach.

We both hung out in the water with Stephanie and Greg. The water is a nice temperature.

The massage lady came by and gave Erika a sample massage and she decided to get a full hour. There was lunch and wine and more beach time.

Erika like the Kir Royale.

She did expand her drink horizons though.

When the sun told us our beach day was over we headed inside and got ready for dinner.


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