Afternoon Surprise

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Erika and I enjoyed some time on the beach. I took her to see the nice area just to the south of the Grand. This area is just past the free-lance massage tents that are up.

It has changed though. This is where they have been dumping all the seaweed that they scoop up from the beach. It has created a ginormous mountain of seaweed that is either decomposing into sand or all the sand that gets scooped up is filtering down to the bottom of this mountain. It looks like a seaweed/san mountain.

It has made it hard to get to that area where we were headed. It has covered up the sandy area so you have to try and walk over the rocks. Some are covered in algae and very slimy and slippery. It’s almost become a barrier.

We made it over there though and swam for a bit. Then we went back to our chairs.

I went back to our building and Victor saw me and told me there was a surprise in our room. He said he wanted Erika to see why we love the Grand so much and hopefully she will love it as much as we do.

I went and told her that we had to go to the room. We packed up our stuff and went up.

There was this.

There was also a bottle of champagne.

We took it out to the balcony and I opened it. Well, it kind of opened itself.

I told Erika she should take the bath.

I sat on the balcony and drank champagne. When she was done we drank it together. Then we got ready for dinner.

Yes, that’s a tattoo on Erika’s foot. She has several. I have none. Still a perfect record.

Dinner was at the Asian restaurant, Haiku. The food was very good. Although I didn’t take pictures of everything.

Erika had the exoticate caribbean fruit. It actually looked better than I had always imagined.

We had the energy tonight to go to the Mixology bar. It would be the first time I had ever tried it.

We walked down the Grand staircase. We ran into Salin, one of my favorite Star Friends. So we stopped and chatted with her for a bit.

There are usually some Star Friends hanging at the bottom of the Grand staircase in the evenings before the show starts. The shows start at 9:30.

Erika wasn’t that interested in seeing a show and I don’t usually go to because I’ve seen all of them.

At the Mixology bar we each had a yummy drink.

The chairs at the Mixology bar are not very comfortable, so we moved to a table.

We were both exhausted, so we just drank out drinks and then went back to our room. Such wild women we are.

The Mixology bar used to be called the Music bar and I believe they have karaoke in there. They also have a big screen TV so they put on sports games.

I have seen pictures and videos of very involved drink making. Cocktails aren’t really my thing, but if you enjoy them definitely check it out. Check it out anyway because it is worth it.

Erika and I had enjoyed another day of fun and relaxation. I think we were worn out from our walkabout earlier.

We’d have to take it easier tomorrow.


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  1. Hi! I’m traveling to the Grand Paraiso for the first time next month… I have never been to Mexico and have a very sensitive stomach… I’m afraid to eat salads, fruits, uncooked veggies and drink the fresh spa juices… many people tell me to avoid those foods/drinks or I’ll get very sick. They told me to stay away from any raw fish too! …do you have any experience with this? Have you ever caught a bug or gotten sick while there?

    1. I have a very sensitive stomach too. Sadly, I do not take very good care of it when I go to Mexico. I eat things I shouldn’t, like ice cream and way more beef than I typically do at home. I drink like a fish and drink way more caffeine than I typically do at home. So, yes, I have had tummy issues. For a long time, I would take probiotics for the week before, the time I was there and the week after and I never got sick when I did that. But my stomach has gotten more sensitive and I take probiotics all the time and I have more trouble. I do not think it has anything to do with any of the things you listed. These are myths about the food and water in Mexico. I have eaten ceviche many times, both at the hotel and when I’ve gone off site. One word of warning, coconut is a laxative and a lot of it will affect your GI system.

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