Going on a Walkabout

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I woke up early again. The clouds were not cooperating with my sunrise pictures. It was still a very cool picture though.

I was off to the Lobby Bar to visit with Daniel. Greg was there again. I had some tea and a pastry. Then it was back to the room.

Erika was awake. She and I headed off to Bella Vista for breakfast. She had vegan Chillaquilles.

I had bacon and eggs. Sorry. I’d already started eating before I remembered to take the picture.

We both had Mimosas. I love vacation.

We decided to do a tour of all the hotels today. We got a golf cart ride to the Del Mar. It was not as good a tour as when Zung and I did it years ago. That time we came from the beach.

I had trouble finding my way around, so it was more of a wander about than a walkabout.

The Del Mar has lots of water birds.

This horse is skinny compared to the ones at the Grand. I guess everything is bigger and better at the Grand.

You might notice that I have been carrying the same purse all the time. That’s because I forgot to bring purses. I usually bring several wristlets. I have a lot of Coach wristlets.

I completely forgot them this time. This is what I had put all my cosmetic stuff in, in my travel bag. It was a freebie from Sephora.

Not that fashionable. But it worked.

We were getting hot and tired. By the time we got to the Maya we were too hot and tired to look at the different courtyards. So we just went to the snake bar. We planned to get a drink before heading back to the Grand.

The Maya courtyards are beautiful. Definitely make that a stopping point when you visit the Grand.

There was a large group of rather intoxicated young men. It was only 11 o’clock! The bartender was too busy with them and we didn’t want to wait so we just went to the lobby and asked for a ride to the Grand.

We did get a picture though. We had to angle it carefully so that the drunk guys were not in the picture.

We were able to get drinks back at the Grand.

Mine was that yummy cucumber gin and tonic drink and Erika got a Pina Colada.

Then she switched to Kir Royals. She was sad when it was empty.

We went to the cooking class. I had been hoping they would also have the wine tasting because that’s what they used to do. They must do them on separate days now.

There are many activities going on all the time at the Grand. The Animation team (aka Star Friends) work hard to make sure everyone is entertained. I don’t do most of them because I go into serious relaxation mode the minute I arrive. But I always wish that I did more.

We enjoyed our guacamole and then went in to enjoy lunch.

I didn’t take a picture of it, but they made Erika a special entree for lunch. It was a…wait for it…cous-cous dish. It was very nice that they were making her special things. But why was everything made with cous-cous?

After lunch we returned to the beach.

There would be a surprise that afternoon.

Such an eventful day!


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  1. Was the cooking lesson the last picture of Olivia you got? I am really going to miss her. Loving the tour you are giving Erika, I have seen all this on my wanderings but it is so nice to see it in your blog.

    1. It was the last picture I got of Olivia. I had hoped that she would be able to find a position that would allow her to stay. Denial I guess. I am really missing it!

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