Room With A View

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Next stop…Building 71! Where else? The bellboy took us in a golf cart. I told him to give Erika the spiel since it was her first time.

We arrived and they were waiting for us with more champagne. As a result, Erika ended up double fisting hers.

She’s kind of a lightweight when it comes to adult beverages. I, of course, had finished mine back at the lobby.

Victor showed up. It’s always so nice to see Victor. He’s one of my oldest Grand friends.

Neither one of the pictures taken was very good, so this is the best of them.

We were taken to our room.

One of the very first things I do is the Ceremonial Removal of the Watch (CROW or CROTW). I’m famous for it. Because I don’t wear a watch when I’m on vacation. At least when I’m on vacation at the Grand.

Funny story about that watch. I had a vision in my mind of a watch with two or three rows of pearls as the bracelet. I couldn’t find one like it anywhere. I looked for years. I found a couple that were close, but they were really cheaply made.

I went into a consignment store one day at home and found THE watch! It had never been worn and just needed a new battery. It was exactly what I had been looking for. That was five or six years ago and it is still my favorite watch. It makes regular appearances in the CROW.

Our room was just as you got off the elevator, so we were right in the middle of the building. The view was perfect. It’s not like you can have a bad view in the ocean front rooms.

I breathed in the ocean air. I sat in the swing for a while. It has been a really long time since I had a room with a swing. I needed to get my swinging time in.

There was a plate of meat and cheeses that I ate. Nothing on there for Erika. She had a piece of fruit. We were both pretty hungry though so we decided to order room service.

Victor came up and I ordered my rum and Erika ordered some gin and we put in our pillow orders.

We unpacked. I use packing cubes to keep my clothes organized. They are a convenience when I take a regular size suitcase. They are essential when I take my carry-on. The shoe cubes are great for keeping everything cleaner. Who knows where my shoes have been! Oh, the stories they could tell.

It didn’t take long for our food to arrive.

Erika got a pizza. They made one for her with vegetables and no cheese. No problem.

She said it was good.

I got a club sandwich. I joke that I eat the meat that she doesn’t. The club sandwich is one of my favorite room service items and it did not disappoint today. In fact, I ate more than I planned to.

The french fries were ok. They weren’t hot, for obvious reasons.

As we were sitting there I got a text from Daniel. He said he had bad news.

Oh no.

He texted that he had quit.

Enough with the texting. I called him. We use the What’s App app to communicate.

I said, “What?! Why?!”

He laughed and told me he was only kidding. Okay, that is SO not funny. Go in the corner for a time out.

But he was on the night shift the whole time we were there.


I told him I would drag myself over there at the end of his shift in the mornings. I don’t tend to sleep late on vacation anyway.

Once we were finished eating we still had hours until dinner (good thing, since we’d just finished eating). We talked about what to do.

This is what I’ve always found bad about an early flight. With the time change we don’t really arrived early enough to go to the beach. But there is still a lot of day to be enjoyed. But I’m tired from getting up so early.

First world problems.

It was Erika’s first time here, so a tour was in order.

I didn’t realize that Daniel’s news was not the only surprise I’d have that day.


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