My Bestie and the Grand – Two of My Favorites

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This trip would make my 28th trip to the Grand. I don’t think I ever imagined when I first visited the Grand in June 2008 that I would return this many times.

It would be Erika’s first visit there. You met Erika when I wrote my trip report, Colorado Cougars Do Vegas!

She and I used to work together. We got to see each other once a week or more often. We have had some good times together in the 10 years that we have been friends.

I met her right after the Heart Attack Trip.

She is a lactation consultant and used to live five minutes away from me. She’s a mom of two grown kids and she’s a vegan.

Three years ago she got a job at another hospital, and I didn’t get to see her every week. Then she moved to the middle of god knows where Colorado and started a Masters degree program. So now I never get to see her.

Needless to say, I was looking forward to this trip to the Grand and time with my bestie.


Erika is a riot. She makes me laugh so much. She has no filter. She hates shopping though. That’s one thing that we definitely don’t have in common.

A few days before our trip I cut my hair.

I got my pedicure done.

I picked out my shoes.

For these shorter trips I used to try and pack a carry on. I had to do a lot of research before I decided on my Travelpro.

I love it but I decided it is not big enough for a 4-day trip to the Grand. I plan to get a full size suitcase for my next trip to the Grand and I will definitely get a Travelpro. The suitcase that I took on this trip had some issues, which you’ll find out about.

I look for a super-lite suitcase so I can take more shoes!

Truth be told, I was really anxious about this trip. I had written to Lander, the GM, and the PR dept. about Erika being vegan. I wanted her to have an amazing time because she had heard me rave about what an amazing place this was. And a big part of an amazing vacation is amazing food.

The pressure was on.

The day we left was election Tuesday. Colorado is a mail-in ballot state, so I was all good. I would break my no-news rule though. Usually I take a vacation from the news when I’m there. I would make an exception this time though.

Erika and I lived in different directions from the airport, so we met there.

I got there first. Erika got there not long after.

We got ourselves checked in and then went for breakfast.

It was an early flight. When the alarm goes off at o’dark o’clock I can never remember exactly why I decided on an early flight. In addition to being tired because it is so early, my favorite restaurant, Root Down, is not open that early.

Fortunately Elway’s Restaurant was. And they have massive Mimosas! Go Elways!


Let’s get this party started!

We pretty much talked non-stop from the moment she came through the door until we got to the Grand.

The flight was smooth. Immigration line was short. We had to wait a bit for our bags.

You no longer have to go through Customs. They do seem to randomly stop people though.

We found our transportation, Canada Transfers. There are lots of transfer companies but Canada has a good rate and they have been reliable. They give you a cold washcloth and a cold bottle of water.

I think I left my coat in the van. It had been cold in Colorado. I wore my smushable down jacket.

I was able to squish it into a bag and attach the bag to my travel bag. I’m not sure how it got unattached. But it was gone when it was time to come back home to cold Colorado.

It’s about a 25 minute drive from the airport to the Grand.

There were hugs from the bell boys. They took us inside to the lobby. We got to sit down. There were hugs from the ladies at the lobby desk. It really does feel like visiting family and friends.

There was champagne. (Or sparkling wine if we are going to be picky about it).

NOW I was home. And it is always good to be home.


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  1. Cute haircut!

    1. Thanks! I actually am letting it grow out more in the front.

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