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I ended my last post with a picture of the front door of what would become our new house.

But something happened the day before that.

My bestie, Erika, had told me that she wanted to go with me to the Grand. We had decided that early November would be a good time.

She had been to Mexico once, a couple of years ago. She went with her family to Excellence Playa Mujeres and loved it.

Zung and I got home on July 4th (flights are really cheap on holidays!). Of course, I was immediately thrown into post-vacation depression.

The cure for that is to plan another vacation. So, I started looking right away. Long story short, on July 7th I booked a 4-night stay for early November.

The next day we walked into our dream home. I have said that if I hadn’t already booked (and paid for) the trip, we probably wouldn’t have gone.

Not so fun fact about the booking…

I used Southwest Vacations. I had left the window open on my computer and the next day went back to it and booked it.

Fast forward to early October. I was talking to Zung about the trip and I checked my calendar to see the exact date we were leaving. My calendar talks with my email and it had automatically added the booking, including the hotel.

For the very first time, I realized I had not booked the Grand. Apparently, when I went back to the open window it had reset to the hotel that comes up first in the search I did. Which was some Rui in Cancun.

O. M. G!

This was a Sunday evening and we were in a restaurant, so I had to wait until the next day to call Southwest. Great thing about them is I was able to change things with the only charge being the difference in hotel rates. That came to $150.

My trip to my favorite place with my bestie was back on track.

I cannot even imagine what would have happened if I had shown up at the Grand and they had no reservation for me. They just happened to be at 100% capacity that weekend, so we would have been out of luck.

Although it probably would have been discovered when I tried to make dinner reservations. Even so, it was stressful.

Back to the house story.

We walked in and it took my breath away.

We walked through the house and it became more and more perfect with each room.

We got back to the beginning and I told Zung that I would give up my jewelry to have this house. And then I said, “I would give up my shoes to have this house.”

Now y’all who know how much I love my shoes knew that this meant I was serious.

We contacted our realtor, sold us house, went through a horrific mortgage approval process. Seriously, worst mortgage company I have ever dealt with. So unprofessional and incompetent.

Moving was exhausting.

But it was all worth it. We love, love, love this house.

It is an open floor plan. This is the kitchen.

I sit on my porch swing a lot in the nice weather. It was on our front porch in the old house. It’s new home is the upstairs deck.

The basement is finished and this is the bar area.

This is the mantle decorated for spring.

We had a closet system put in and now all my shoes are beautifully displayed.

The front and the back. It has a finished walkout basement.

One of the very best things are the spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

This beautiful house undoubtedly will mean less trips to the Grand. I will just have to get more creative with the material I have.

But there is still one more trip to report on!


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  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your new house. It is lovely! You do have a lot of shoes. Do you every wear any of them out? Looking for to your girlfriend trip.

    1. I didn’t wear many of them out, but I’ve been collecting them for a long time and I do still wearing some and give them away.

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