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Sideways Pictures

Hello Readers! I have gotten some comments/messages from some of you about the orientation of my pictures. For some of you they are showing up sideways. On my iPad, iPhone and laptop on Chrome they are all oriented correctly. If … Continue reading

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Not the Only Early Riser

I did not sleep well and woke up early, about 4 o’clock. I kept trying to convince myself that I would fall back to sleep. Then I thought, I should go see Daniel. He’s probably lonely and needs some company. … Continue reading

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Let Me Show You My Second Home

I took Erika on a tour of the grounds and facilities. Well, some of them. I think there are probably still corners of this resort that I haven’t discovered yet. There are the most gorgeous flower arrangements all over the … Continue reading

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Room With A View

Next stop…Building 71! Where else? The bellboy took us in a golf cart. I told him to give Erika the spiel since it was her first time. We arrived and they were waiting for us with more champagne. As a … Continue reading

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My Bestie and the Grand – Two of My Favorites

This trip would make my 28th trip to the Grand. I don’t think I ever imagined when I first visited the Grand in June 2008 that I would return this many times. It would be Erika’s first visit there. You … Continue reading

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