Long Time, No Write

Heads up, this post may contain affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission.

Hello readers! My regulars have probably noticed I haven’t posted in a while, and I was right in the middle of a trip report!!!

The reason is that I ran out of storage on my plan with my blog host. That means I can’t post any more pictures.

The cost to increase to the next level would be triple what I am paying now.

I have been thinking for a while about maybe starting to try to monetize this blog. I would probably do that with ads and affiliate links. The links are where I talk about a certain product and it has a link and if you follow that link and make a purchase I earn a commission. It does not increase the cost to you.

I am not sure if I’m up to the task of managing two blogs, as I have a breastfeeding blog as well. In this blog I just write and post so it doesn’t take a lot of time. On my professional blog I work on it full time. There can be so much more to blogging than just writing.

What I’m trying to say is this decision is not a done deal.

I did want to know what you all think of me monetizing this blog. Would you hate seeing ads or me having affiliate links? Or would that be okay in exchange for the information I provide and the awesome stories I tell?

If I can’t post any pictures I will stop writing anything new.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


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  1. Would not mind as & would love you to continue your awesome stories! 🙂

    1. I feel the same as Lisa! 😎

  2. I agree with Lisa. Love the pictures and stories.

  3. Andrea I miss your stories as we love the Grand as well! I would rather click through ads etc and get to hear of your adventures!

    Monica G

  4. Please keep blogging. Love seeing the pictures with the blog.

  5. I am addicted to IB Playa Paraiso also, but the other end. Please keep the reports and pictures coming, ads or not.

  6. I do not mind and would love to continue to read your stories! You are a great blogger!

  7. Wouldn’t hate seeing ads per se. It’s an online reality these days… Keep the pics and stories coming Andrea 👍👍

  8. Personally, I would not min ads. If you can make a commission from the work you do, I am all in.

    1. I’d be happy if I can make enough to cover the costs of running the blog.

  9. I’ve enjoyed living vicariously through your stories and photos, Andrea. Don’t stop now!

  10. So glad you are back. Was worried about you. Ads are everywhere online, most people are used to it. Just pick good sponsors!

  11. Keep posting! I love your stories. You were the reason I visited the Grand!

  12. I wouldn’t mind!

  13. Late to the party but personally go for the revenue! (Just found a great deal for a sept trip so I am back to feed my ‘planning’)

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