Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

We decided to have room service breakfast so that we could sit out on the balcony. The one very nice thing about the balcony in the presidential suite is that there is a nice table and chairs out there.

After breakfast we went to the beach.

There was the usual mimosa, or three.

I always think I’d like to go out on a catamaran like this, but it would involve too much effort.

I also drank mineral water to stay hydrated. I actually really did drink a lot of mineral water. It honestly seemed to make me feel better than just regular water.

Eventually we got hungry and went to lunch.

I had wine, and soon wondered why my wine glass was empty.

But it was quickly filled.

This was the first day of Asael’s vacation and the person he told us would take care of us was falling down on her first day of the job. Asael never lets my glass get empty.

I had a burger for lunch. The burgers at the Grand have been amazing at times and awful at others. This one was pretty darn good. But the bun was kind of stale and falling apart.

When we went back to our room, this interesting, yet unidentifiable towel creature was waiting for us.

Any guesses on what it was?

There was some hammock and wine time after my shower.

Ready for dinner.

More wine. This Daimon Tempranillo is a long time favorite.

Dinner was at Haiku.

We saw Raul very briefly because he was not our waiter tonight.

That is not Raul, but it was nice.

We went to the lobby bar for a bit to see our surrogate son. He made me a cucumber mojito.

Then we went back to the room. Or rooms as it was.

When we stay for a week this would be the last day. Staying for ten days is pretty awesome!

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One Response to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  1. Jill says:

    So fun! And such a cool special room!

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