Another Hangover Free Day

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I wake up to another hangover free morning. There is breakfast and then the beach. 

Clearly we have grown bored of taking food pictures of the same breakfasts every morning. Or Zung was just slacking.

Either way, this was the first picture of the day.

And this was the second one of the day. Obviously I haven’t gotten tired of this picture.

This isn’t a great picture from lunch, but I thought it was cool the way the umbrellas lined up.

There was of course wine at lunch.

Oh look! There was wine after lunch as well. Not sure why I’m back in the room. On the balcony. In the hammock, which is the only semi-comfortable place to hang out out there. It actually was very comfortable until I had to get out of it.

The view is stunning.

Dinner dress of the evening.

Our lovely concierge.

Dinner at Toni’s.

Apple salad.

The green salad with grilled chicken. Ordered without the grilled chicken.

The addition of several salads is one of the best changes to the menus that has been made since we started coming here 11 years ago.

I asked for balsamic and vinegar for my not apple salad.

Zung got the slow roasted chicken breast. He said it was very good.

I ordered surf and surf. It’s not on the menu, but they aim to please. And I was feeling in a surfy mood.

Zung got a Mayan coffee. They didn’t make it tableside that (insert sad emoji here).

I look so fat in this picture. I almost didn’t include it. I even had Spanx on. Looks like I should have worn the extra strength version.

Off to the Lobby Bar. It’s Margerita time.

Made by the lovely Daniel.

We didn’t stay late because we had asked Butler Daniel to make us a bubble bath.

There were a couple selfie fails.

After the bath we heard banging out on the beach. 

I’m not sure why they we working on this at 11 o’clock at night.

Full moon.

And that’s all she wrote.

Until tomorrow.


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  1. I too never tire of that view.

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