The Tasting Menu at L’Atelier After Just Another Day at the Beach

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Yay! I had no hangover when I wake up. Spoiler alert! I paced my drinking for the rest of the trip and a hangover never made an appearance for the rest of this vacation. 

Which is not to say I was drinking lightly. Let’s be honest, I drink like a fish when I am on vacation. 

As I mentioned in my first post for this trip, my sodium levels were very low and I had to get them checked again when I got home. My liver enzymes were also off kilter, probably because of a medication I take for my trigeminal neuralgia. That medication was also probably contributing to the low sodium levels. 

When I got home I wanted to get the sodium checked right away. But they also checked my liver function and it came back really high. It was a test I’d never had before and high levels can indicate heavy drinking.

I was slightly mortified. I told my doctor that by anyone’s definition I drank heavily on vacation.

We checked it again two weeks later and it was in the normal range. I was relieved, to say the least. My sodium was still low though. Boo. 

Back to our regularly scheduled blog.

It was a pretty routine day. 

Margerito came by to say hello.

Asael is just the best. He has the most wonderful smile. He has an incredible memory too.

I went to the shopping center after breakfast to see if there was any jewelry that I absolutely had to buy.

 This ruby spoke to me.

Then it was back to the beach. My shopping expedition made me thirsty.

I said I paced myself. I didn’t say I quit drinking.

I just never get tired of this view.

They were working on repairing the outside of the building and there was drilling and hammering every day. It really was a buzz kill for a beach zen and naps. I did mention it to the concierge and she asked when we napped and then told them to try to minimize the noise.

I know it has to be done sometime. The sea air is really hard on the buildings.

The Grand is grand. It’s over the top luxury. Big columns and paintings on the ceilings. It isn’t a resort with a Mexican “feel” (whatever that means – I read it all the time though on Facebook and Trip Advisor). If that is what you are after, this probably isn’t the place for you.

If having a bracelet on your wrist makes you want to cut it off, this isn’t the place for you. If having to make dinner reservations puts a horrible crimp in your vacation style, this isn’t the place for you. If you’re a man and the thought of wearing long pants to the dinner restaurants sends you into fits, this isn’t the place for you.

If great service, a beautiful, albeit gaudy, facility and gorgeous beach, good food are what you are looking for, this is the place for you.

Before lunch we went to the lobby bar to say good-bye to Steve and Janelle.

It was a fish day for lunch. With french fries. There are always french fries. Even when you don’t see them in the picture.

I got the fish from the buffet today. I asked him to make me some fresh. I make a little sandwich with the roll, meat and cheese.

I like lots of lime on my fish.

I took some more pictures of the presidential suite.

It has a large walk-in closet.

There is also a powder room off of the dining area.

This is the dining area.

We dress for dinner.

We were excited about dinner tonight. It was at L’Atelier. They have a tasting menu. For some people, it is too adventurous, but Zung and I are fairly adventurous eaters, within reason.

There are two versions, and 8 course and a 5 course. Tonight we chose the 8 course. You could also do an optional wine pairing. There were also two choices and we chose the less expensive option. you could also order wine off the included menu. 

Sadly, the tasting menu was not popular enough and is no longer offered. That’s too bad because we liked it a lot. In fact Zung said it was the best meal he’s ever had here.

The first course is some beef tartar, which I had never had in my life. Steve convinced me to try it and it was really a tiny amount and the sauce was really good.

This came with some sparkling wine which was not sparkling because it had gone flat so they had to open up a new bottle.

Next was a sardine which was a little salty and fishy, but not bad.

The soup was really good.

This was squid ink broth with squid noodles. Zung loved it but I couldn’t bring myself to eat it.

Next up was the fish course.

Followed by the beef course.

Next started the deserts. The first one was a delicious It was a light lemon sorbet.

For some odd reason the next dessert was chocolate and very heavy and we were already pretty stuffed by this point.

We were so full but very happy with our dinner.

We would definitely come back and try the 5 course menu.


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  1. I love that white dress! RTR?

    1. Yes! Right after this trip I cancelled my subscription. Since I cut back on working I just don’t use it as much but it’s definitely great for these vacations.

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