Third Time is Not the Charm

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Can you say hangover for a third day in a row? Can you say slow learner?

Upon waking my first thought was, “I’m hungover. Again.”

My next thought is, “I don’t want to feel like this every day of this vacation.

I resolved this would be the last time I’d wake up with a hangover.

For this vacation anyway. Let’s not get too ambitious. Or unrealistic.

It is another beautiful day.

We don’t take many pictures today.

It is pretty much a routine day at the beach.

We take no pictures at all of lunch.

Just more beach pictures.


Dress pictures.

We had dinner at Venecia.

There was an ordeal with my shrimp and spaghetti. The last time I got it I thought the sauce was a bit heavy so I asked for a different sauce. We went through some possibilities and they brought me one to try and in the end I just had them put the regular sauce on the side and it was fine.

They are always happy to accommodate special requests. 

After dinner we went to the Wednesday Stars Under the Stars party by the pool. I wanted Zung to see the fire show.

You can’t get there too late because the seats all get taken, but then you have to wait for a long time and listen to the singing and watch the dancing until they finally start the fire show.

I go and say hello to Elizabeth.

We get bored and Zung takes a picture of the decorations. They look kind of cool with the full moon.

The fire show is as awesome as it had been in May. 

After that we go back to the room. It had been an exhausting day.

Time for bed! Sweet dreams. I had made sure I didn’t drink too much so I was hoping for a hangover free day tomorrow.


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