The Day After Zung’s Birthday

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I woke up…feeling hungover. Ugh. Not again.

This isn’t a great picture, but it was the best one that we took. It looks like the camera was hungover too.


It was clearly humid and the lens was fogging up.

Off to breakfast.

Zung reads the newspaper that is delivered to our room. I take a news vacation when we are in Mexico. It helps my feelings of stress and anxiety about the state of our country.


We don’t vary our routine much. Okay, we don’t vary our routine ever. After breakfast, we went to the beach.

There are still quite a few seaweed piles.


They are working hard to clear them. In the first few days, they have two of these front-loaders hauling them away. One of the drivers is doing it as fast as he can. The other guy drives very slowly and it is because he is looking at his phone while he drives.

They are noisy and smell of exhaust. It has to be done though. It’s either this or big piles of seaweed.


When afternoon rolls around we head to La Brisa for lunch.

I try to take some artistic, drinks reflected in my glasses pictures. Which ine is your facorite?


Zung always gets a Victoria beer, unless he gets a Modelo Especial.


And shrimp fajitas.


I always have white wine, Masia Ribot if they have it. Fortunately this time they have lots of it.

I also always get french fries. Hot, fresh and crispy.

I vary my entree though. Today I am having quesadillas.


Asael tells us that he is going on vacation. He introduces us to Jenny and says that she will take care of us while he is gone.

After lunch, we sit on the beach some more and I have some more wine and read my Kindle.


My favorite author, Elin Hildebrand, writes a new novel every summer and I try to save it to read on vacation if it comes out before I leave.

When we go back to the room there is a plate of fruit and cheeses, with some crackers for us. Mauro, our butler, is taking good care of us.


One of the really nice things about the Presidential Suite is that there are beautiful flowers all over the suite. They replaced them when they started to get tired. I love flowers and like to have them at home. It is a special treat to have them on vacation as well.

Dinner was at La Brisa.


I hadn’t had a good meal at La Brisa, which is the Carribean restaurant, with two attempts in May. If they struck out this time I wouldn’t eat here again.

A lot of people rave about it though, so I thought I should give it another try.

We ordered the appetizer that I had liked so much, the Caneloni with Tamarind sauce.


It was just as yummy.

While we waited for our entrees, Lander (the GM) showed up. He asked how we liked the room and we told him it was amazing and thanked him for the wonderful birthday surprise.

Our entrees arrived.

Zung got the shrimp. He LOVES shrimp. I can’t eat them when they still have their heads on. I can’t even look at them.

I ordered the same thing I had when I ate here for the second time in May, Shrimp Risotto with Sea Bass. That time the risotto had a good flavor but it was crunchy.

This time I tried to order it without the fish, because that had been kind of bland. The waiter didn’t understand and it came with the fish.


The fish was still bland but the risotto was cooked properly and delicious.

Zund decided to try to watermelon and mango sorbet dessert. I’d had this in May and the watermelon was full of seeds, too many to be able to enjoy it.

This time it came with seedless watermelon.


There was a beach dinner going on. With a full moon.


There was also a younger looking male guest who was wandering around, talking to people at other tables. He seemed restless and I suspected he had been overenjoying the unlimited alcohol aspect of the all-inclusive.

He also had a baseball cap on. Seriously, that’s just bad manners to wear a baseball cap in a nice restaurant.

The Grand has a pretty relaxed dress code. With the exception of the buffet (and maybe the Carribean – I’ve gotten conflicting info) the only requirement is long pants for men. Most people dress nice, but a lot of people dress like slobs.

People will often say they are on vacation and they shouldn’t have to dress up. You don’t have to dress up to not look like a slob.

Okay, I’ll step off my soapbox now.

After dinner, we went to the Lobby Bar and hung out with Steve and Janelle and Daniel.

Yes, please!


Daniel’s famous cucumber mojito and marg.


Steve’s mouth is open in almost every picture he is in.


Unless he’s making this face.


Janelle and I compare nails.


Oh yea, and Steve tries to get in on the action. Mine are stick-ons.


Zung and I compare shoes.


I have no idea what I was doing here.



We went back to the room and remembered that we had asked Daniel, the butler, to draw a bubble bath for us. It was all ready.


Zung poured us some of the Atlantico rum.





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  1. Do you have your press on nails done or do you do them yourself? Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question. How good do they stay on?
    Thank you,

    1. I buy them from Target and put them on myself. They stay on really well. I usually take them off after about five days because of nail growth. They start to catch on my hair. I take an extra pack with me if it’s a week or longer.

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