Zung’s Birthday Dinner at Toni’s

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We showered. Surprisingly, the shower in this room, the same room that the owner stays in, had the same problem if it changing from freezing to scalding throughout the shower. (Update: I was just at the Grand and they have started to change the control faucets on the showers and it has eliminated this problem. The showers are now just as awesome as everything else at the Grand.)

There are an abundance of towels. But they are the same towels in all the other rooms. They remind me of the thin towels that you might get at a Motel 6. I think they are trying to be fancy with them but I’d rather have plain towels that are plush and soft.


We waited for a golf cart ride. The restaurants are not that far away…unless you are wearing 4” stilettos, as I usually am and was tonight.

The birthday dinner was at Toni’s Surf and Turf.

Luis, the manager came over with a bottle of the Masia Ribot white and announced that he had my favorite wine.

This whole thing with the wine was very amusing to me. I hated breaking it to him that I usually drink red at dinner. He said, “But you can start with some of this, right?” I said, “Of course, yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea.”

So we had some white wine with out salads.

We both started out with salads. The apple salad is my favorite.


The pear salad is good when the pears are good. For obvious reasons.


I almost always have the ribeye. Tonight was no exception. Zung had it as well.

Steak must be eaten accompanied by a red wine, so we switched at this point. We drank the Masia Ribot red, which is quite good too.


Olivia came by and talked to us for a bit. We ask how her son, Benjamin, is doing.

We are enjoying our wine when they come up with a cake and several waiters come to sing a birthday song. Olivia joined them.


They put a birthday hat on Zung. This isn’t a great picture but is the only one we have that shows the hat.


It had been a lovely birthday meal.

We are quite full by the time we got the cake so we eat a couple of small pieces and then ask them to take the rest of the cake and the rest of the wine to our room.

Off to the lobby bar!

Daniel makes Zung a birthday Margerita. Zung says Daniel makes the best Margeritas.


I have a chocolate cake shot.


With a cucumber mojito chaser.

Daniel looks extra handsome in this picture.


At some point the band in the lobby played Zung Happy Birthday.

When we’d had enough to drink we went back to the room, where there were more birthday surprises.


The birthday cake and wine from dinner were there as well.

Another picture that is not very good, but I love Zung’s expression.

It has been a very good birthday indeed. And we had a week more of vacation in front of us.

This vacation has certainly gotten off to a wonderful start.



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  1. It’s about time the showers were fixed. I’m sure there are a lot of people clapping their hands! Just in time for our visit the end of this week. Looks like Zung and you had a wonderful birthday trip.

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