Happy 71st birthday Zung

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Rise and shine sunshine! There was plenty of sunshine this morning.


We headed off to Bella Vista for the birthday breakfast. It was only fitting to start the day with mimosas.


I ordered chillaquilles with chicken, no onion and no crema.


Bella Vista usually has a very good selection of fruit.


After my chillaquilles I had some fruit and bacon. I needed that bacon to balance the healthy effects of the fruit, especially because I was having uber-healthy green juice.


If yo0u’ve been reading my blog for any length of time then you know that Zung is fairly predictable with his breakfast and lunch choices. At breakfast it’s an omelet.


Steve and Janelle came in and came over to say hello.


After we finished with breakfast we followed our usual routine and went to the beach. I welcomed our first day on the beach with a Havana Siete and coke.


There are always lots of parasailers.



Someone we met a few years ago and have seen a few times at the Grand, had left Zung a birthday present when he and his wife had been here a few weeks ago.

Erik has a sense of humor because he buried the present and then sent me a map. It was buried by the flag that tells you the water conditions. That was yellow by the way.

We asked some of the Star Friends if they had a shovel. They did not but they brought a ping pong paddle.

Zung set to work.

Once he dug it out we went back to our palapa and he opened it.

After all that exhausting work in the heat, we decided it was time for lunch.

We ran into Steve and Janelle on our way to lunch.


Zung is just as predictable for lunch as he is for breakfast. He has a Victoria beer and shrimp fajitas.


I always have white wine, Masia Ribot Catalunya. This was the wine they had been out of when I was here in May and that Margerito had tried to give me last night. I do drink it at lunch. Quite a lot actually.

I had lobster and french fries. Fresh, hot and crispy.


I was still hungry after the lobster so I went and got a piece of cheese and made a little sandwich.


I told Zung that he needed to do a shot. Azael brought him a tequila boom boom, which was enhanced with some chocolate syrup on the bottom.


And we finished off the meal with some coconut ice cream. That didn’t taste as coconutty as usual. It was more sweet.

Boo. Their coconut ice cream was one of my favorite Grand things.


Then it was back to the beach for reading and naps.


We went to the quiet pool where José, the pool concierge, asked us if everything was ok. I mentioned it was Zung’s birthday and he came back with a special towel sculpture.


We also saw Mar and chatted with her a bit.

Everyone knew that it was Zung’s birthday and wished him a happy one.

We chatted with a woman from Germany who knew me from the Facebook group. She was there for four weeks!!!

We went back to the room where Mauro, our butler had made a birthday surprise for Zung.


The maid had left him a birthday surprise also.


As we got ready for dinner I wondered if there were going to be any more birthday surprises.



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