Birthday Surprise

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We got to the end of the hall and the bellboy turned to the room next to the presidential suite and said, “Here is your room.” I said, “Ok.”

Then he grinned and said, “I’m only kidding, this is your room” and he turned to the presidential suite.


He opened the door and we walked in. The first thing you come into is an entryway room.


You go through the door and there is a huge dining table.

It had lots of goodies for us.


The living room is huge with two big, deep, comfy couches.


There is a small kitchen right off the dining room.


One time when we had a beach dinner scheduled they moved it to the balcony of this room because it was too windy. Now seeing this kitchen impressed me because they cooked the dinner in here. The stove is just two burners.

The fridge was stocked with all the things that are in the mini fridge in the regular rooms, just more of everything. There was lots and lots of water.

The bedroom was large.


I didn’t take a picture but there was a chest with a doll sitting on it that looked like a creepy clown. I would be able to see it from bed. I asked the butler to take it out of the room because that thing would have given me nightmares.

The bellboy was giving us a tour and the next room was the bathroom. It was my favorite part of the suite.


I saw the bathtub and said it was like a swimming pool.


In case you are wondering, the shower still had the issue with the water getting suddenly hot or cold.


There were lots and lots of towels.

I turned to the bellboy and said, “Do we get to stay here the whole ten days?” I was thinking they might only let us stay in here for a few days and I was not excited about the thought of possibly having to pack up and move.

However, he had this big grin on his face and confirmed that yes, it was our room for the whole stay.

I could tell that he really enjoyed surprising people like this.

We were enjoying the surprise too.

The butler came and finished checking us in and gave us our wristbands and got us our pillows. We always get pillows from the pillow menu. I get a couple of down pillows and Zung gets what is called the anatomical pillow which is a firm foam.

We made some rum and cokes and napped for a bit on the sofas.


Zung showered and had his “I’m on vacation” moment when he put on the robe.


I got dressed and realized in all the excitement  I had forgotten to do the CROTW – ceremonial removal of the watch.

I rectified that.




We headed off to dinner at Vencia.

The manager/captain (I’m never sure what their titles are) came and introduced himself to us. His name was Margerito and he said they had my favorite wine, Masia Ribot white.

This was the white wine that they didn’t have in May that had everyone thinking I was so unhappy with the wine.

I told him that I usually drink red at dinner.

He looked so disappointed.

He was exceptionally attentive throughout the meal.

Zung had the calamari.


I had the grilled baby vegetables.


I had the roasted lamb loin, which was pretty delicious.


Zung had the glazed lobster with mustard sauce.


After dinner Margerito asked if we wanted dessert and we asked if we could have something sent to our room. We thought dessert sounded nice but we were really tired and the thought of eating it back at the room sounded even nicer.

He asked if we’d like some port with our dessert because they had some that was very nice. We said sure, even though we are not big dessert wine drinkers.

We also asked that the rest of our wine be sent to the room as well.

When we got back to the room another surpris awaited us.


We poured some rum and enjoyed the bath.


Afterwards when we went to get something on the dining table we saw that they had brought our dessert.


I can’t say we were fans of the port.

We took some night pictures of the room and the pool area. There are windows in the bathroom that look out over the pool.

All the orange decor gives the room an orange glow at night.


There had been turn down service.


In the past we haven’t always gotten turn down service. I started putting out the “Make Up Room” sign on the door when we’d go to dinner and now we always get it.

They prepare the bed, give you new towels and take away the used towels, and leave water at the bedside.

There may or may not have been another glass of wine.

There may or may not have been a hangover the next morning.

It had been a long travel day with a wonderful birthday surprise. We were looking forward to the actual birthday tomorrow.


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  1. Wow! Looks very nice…happy birthday to Zung. I’m sure this visit was a special one!

    1. It was very nice. It took me 27 visits too get this upgrade, but when you think of all that I do for the Grand, I think I earned it!

  2. I knew when you turned left where they were taking you. No one deserves it more than you guys do. Love the pictures.

    1. I want going to count on it. There was another time, before we stayed getting the corner suite, when they took us down that hall and I started getting excited and we got the room two doors down. So, as we walked down the hall I was thinking, I’m not going to do that again!

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