New Trip to the Grand – Zung’s 71st

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This trip has been planned for a while.

June has been rough though. I got a garden variety cold at the beginning of the month. It knocked me on my butt Friday afternoon. I went to bed for the weekend, thinking this would knock it out.

It did not.

I would feel like I was getting better, then feel worse again. It progressed to a sinus infection so I went to the doctor.

I usually only go to the doctor if I am pretty sure what is wrong with me and what I want her to do for me.

I left with my antibiotics, feeling like my mission was accomplished. When I felt much better the next day I believed that I had been right.

The next day I felt like crap again.

Back and forth, back and forth. I went back to see the doctor the following week. I was on an upswing that day, but I’d been to this rodeo before, only to get thrown off my horse again.

She did some lab work and discovered I had low sodium levels. Very low. She said if they were much lower she’d be sending me to the ER.

Her instructions were to drink less water and eat more salt.

I went out and got two bags of potato chips. Doctor’s orders!

Two days later I had another level drawn and waited nervously for the results. Both she and I had decided going to Mexico made us nervous if my levels didn’t improve significantly.

Fortunately, they did. So I picked out shoes and got a pedicure.

On June 24th we got our early start and arrived in time to have breakfast, which meant Mimosas.


I wore cute shoes that I have had for a very long time.


The flight was not memorable.

We found our transfer. Before we knew it we were on our way to the Grand.


And then we were there.


It was a Sunday so Daniel was not there. His son, Matthew, was graduating from 5th grade. We had been invited to the dinner that they were having that night. However, the graduation ran really late and he said dinner would be very late.

I hadn’t slept well and I was so tired that I felt like I was going to fall over. I told him I didn’t think we’d make it. We said we’d have dinner together the following week.

We were at the bar and Laura and Phillip, the asst GM’s came over to say hello. They wished Zung a happy birthday and asked if we knew what Lander’s surprise was for Zung’s birthday.

We didn’t know, so they said they wouldn’t tell us. I thought maybe it would be something at dinner on his birthday which was the next day.

I exchanged some money and they helped us make dinner reservations for that night at the Italian restaurant.

The bellboy took us to Building 71. We were greeted with champagne and Steve was there. He caught me red-handed double fisting my champagne.



Then the bellboy took us upstairs to the third floor.

We got off the elevator and he made a left. We usually stay in the corner suite, but to get to that room we would have made a right. I thought it must not have been available.

We walked down the hall.

We were about to find out what Zung’s birthday surprise from Lander was.



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  1. the suspense is wonderful i love it!!!! i can’t wait to hear the rest of the story.
    We are returning for our 30th Wedding Anniversary. it will be memorable as always with the Grand.

    1. We have spent many wonderful anniversaries at the Grand. Congratulations!

  2. I think I know what happens!!

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