Going Home Day Never Gets Easier


It was a beautiful day. There was breakfast and some beach time.

Okay, I’m not going to lie. Without my notes I honestly can’t remember much at all about this day.

I do know I checked out and I do know I had lunch, but only because I always have lunch.

I had a mimosa with Lander in the Lobby Bar before my transfer came. He didn’t have a mimosa. We had a nice chat.

My ride came. I sat in the van while they waited for someone else they had on their list. I told him this was supposed to be a private transfer, but he still waited.

Ride to the airport, check-in, security, all that went smoothly.

I asked at Duty-Free if they had Atlantico, but they did not. I can’t find it at home either. It is going to be a treat only in Mexico I guess.

I went to a restaurant and ordered some food that I was not really hungry for but by the time I get home it is a long time to go without eating.

I took my sad, going home picture.


I had some kind of cucumbery drink that was too sweet.

The flight was fine.

It was a nice trip. It’s always great to see Dave and Tessa and their crew. It’s always nice to spend time at the Grand.

I would be returning in just 6 weeks to celebrate Zung’s 71st birthday. We would be staying for 10 days, which was a first for the Grand. We had stayed 11 days in Mexico before, but not all at the Grand.

Life would be busy between now and then, so time would go fast and I would be back before I knew it.

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