Another beach day

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From my pictures, of which there are not a plethora, it looks like I woke up and the day started out the way everyone hopes their vacation days in Mexico will start out…sunny and warm.



I’m sure I went to breakfast. But, alas, there were no pictures to prove it.

I did, clearly, and not unexpectedly, go to the beach and order another one of those big-ass Mimosas.


And then took a selfie.


I think today was the day I went to lunch and Azael was there and I asked him to just bring me every white wine they had. It was only one or two before I found one that I wanted to drink. It was not a Masia Ribot, but it was drinkable.

I like a light white wine. At home I like a Sauvignon Blanc. I tend not to be a Chardonnay fan.

I know there was a day when I went to sit with Tessa and Dave. There might have been two days. One day we talked out of the pool and another day we talked in the pool.

I got to meet Bruce and Cynthia Baudensteil. I have communicated with Bruce for years about the Grand, but this was the first time I got to meet him and his lovely wife, Cynthia.

Dinner was at the Caribbean restaurant with the Browns and their crew.

We had a great waiter. There was a very nice wine.


And the jerk chicken was cold. Like, really cold. Like, I have no idea why I didn’t send it back cold.


Of course we went to the Lobby Bar.

A new feature at the Lobby Bar are optional premium liquors. And when I say optional I mean that you pay extra. A lot of people were losing their minds over this. I’m not sure why. There have been optional wines ever since they opened and no one has ever said a word about it.

I was excited to get to try a rum that I was curious about. I was not, however, curious enough to pay $100 for an entire bottle to see what it was like. I was thrilled to get to pay $25 a glass to find out that while it was nice, it was not $100 a bottle nice.

It was a new bottle. I was the first one to be willing to pony up for it.


Daniel had to measure the exact amount.


Like I said, it was nice, but so was the new Atlantico rum they have. That is even better than the Havana Siete. Which wasn’t that good this time. I had Daniel pour me some at the bar, to check if there was something off with the bottle in my room. Nope, it was the same.

And, please, don’t make any kind of comment asking me if I think it could be tainted. Just. Don’t.

The Atlantico was my new favorite.

I went back to the room. But first, took this picture as I waited for my gold cart.


Stunning! Yes?


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  1. Thanks for sharing!!! Is there a list of the premium alcohols and prices posted anywhere online?

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