I Love the Beach

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I never get up early enough to take a sunrise picture so this will have to do.

I head off to breakfast. They have a tortilla station now and I get a beef tortilla. It is delicious. The chillaquilles have some competition.

The sauce I put on it was super spicy, and it looked so innocent.


I followed the script and after breakfast, I went to the beach.


I fed my soul and enjoyed the beautiful weather.


I had a Mimosa. Now that’s a Mimosa!


I was also mindful to keep hydrated.

How gorgeous is that water?


I am terrible about taking pictures when I am by myself.

This was all I took for today.

I went to lunch and I may or may not have lunched with the Browns and their crew.

I do remember that whoever I had lunch with, they no longer had my lunch wine, the Masia Ribot white. I tried another wine and it was not to my liking. I asked for another one and they brought two different bottles for me to try. Neither one had been opened yet.

Ok, now I am feeling like I am high maintenance.

I can’t possibly make them open two different bottles so I say the first bottle they open is fine.

Except it’s not. I try to drink it, but I just can’t.

Wilmer, one of the managers, walks by and I wave him down and apologize and say this wine is terrible. He brings me another one to try. It too is being opened just for me. I try it and I say it is fine.

It is really just ok, but I just can’t possibly have them open another one.

After lunch, I go to the beach again.

For dinner I go alone to Venecia, the Italian restaurant. I honestly cannot remember anything about it.

I know there was bar time afterwards, with the Browns and their crew.

I know, I know. My trip reports suck when I don’t keep notes.

I really thought I had notes, but I can’t find them.

I did forget something important from last night.

Gustavo came to say hello to me. He was the bartender in the music bar and making fancy cocktails in there. I planned to go in while I was here, but I never did. I thought I’d be able to go when I was here in June with Zung.

Don’t ever put things off.

Gustavo died shortly after this trip. He was a good man and he is missed by many.

Well, this is a very sad way to end today’s report. But this man deserves a moment of sadness.



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  1. Hi Andrea, I’m Cherise. Slightly over a year ago, my husband and I were at The Grand and met you on the beach (where, before I disturbed you, you were attempting to enjoy some quiet time and a glass of wine!) I was just catching up w/your blog and see that Gustavo has died. I’m SO sad to read this! I don’t claim to know him well, but we do fondly remember him and our conversations at the bar. Are you at liberty to share any details of his death? (I am not on Facebook, if something’s been posted there.) Thank you!
    Also, congratulations on your new home!

    1. Hi Cherise, I remember you! Gustavo’s death was unexpected and very, very sad. The family requested that the cause of death be kept private so I am not at liberty to discuss the details. He was loved by many and there was a GoFundMe for his son, organized by one of the guests who was a good friend of his. It was heartwarming to see such support. He was a good man and good father Ann’s will be missed by many.
      And thanks in the congrats for our new home. We really love it.

  2. I understand. Thanks for the reply.

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