#26 – Trying to surprise Daniel

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I feel like I have been neglecting Iberostarrocks.

I have been neglecting Iberostarrocks.

I have had a CRAZY busy summer.

I was sick for three weeks in June.

We traveled to Mexico for my 27th visit to the Grand for Zung’s 71st birthday. We figured it out and it’s his 20th visit.

We got home on July 4th and on July 8th we went to look at a house, “just for fun” and fell in love. Less than eight weeks later we had moved in.

Before all the craziness began, I made a short solo trip in May. I got to visit with Dave and Tessa Brown.

I unintentionally booked my trip to fly out MOTHER”S DAY! It wasn’t until after it was booked that I realized this. I’m not sure my family will ever let me live it down.


They went and celebrated at brunch without me.

I arrived before 5, on a rare Sunday when Daniel was working.


I had not told him I was coming because I wanted to try to surprise him with my arrival.

Unfortunately, I had mentioned that I was going to do that and someone who knew of my approximate dates told him that I was going to surprise him. How lame is that?

I waited and waited for him. He was late and then decidedly not surprised. But he did seem happy to see me.


The bellboy comes to take me to my room. He says we are going to Building 70.

Wait. What?

They always put me in 71. For as long as I can remember. Seriously. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t in 71.

He asks if I’d rather be in 71. I think for a minute. Although it feels high maintenance, I say yes.

What if I drank too much and tried to get into the wrong room and the wrong building?

Okay, I don’t drink THAT much, especially when I’m traveling solo. But it could happen. Best to not take any chances.

He has to go ask the front desk manager to find me a room in 70. I won’t go into the details. They had put me in 70 because they were just trying to give me a room on the third floor, but I said the second floor in 71 would be fine.

Once in my room, I had the bellboy take a picture of the CROTW. (Ceremonial Removal of the Watch, for any newbies).


I met and had dinner with Dave and Tessa and their crew. We started out with chocolate cake shots.


Wait! I just noticed that Dave Dawson didn’t do one. What’s up with that, Dave Dawson?

We had dinner at Toni’s.


Afterward, we went back to the lobby bar and Daniel made me a fancy looking cucumber mojito.


Which was followed by a cucumber martini.


Ken was there too.


It had been a long travel day.

I went back to my room and poured myself some Havana Siete. I took a sip and said, “What is this?” It did not taste good, or what H7 usually tastes like.

I finished it but doubted I would be drinking it neat again.

I went to sleep, dreaming of my beach day tomorrow.



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  1. Glad to see you back – I was worried about your absence.

    1. You’re so kind! I am finally feeling like my head is above water.

  2. Holy cow Andrea, I thought you blocked me or something 😂… It’s been awhile, glad to see your blog up and running again

    1. Thanks Jack. And I would never block you. Unless you got weird ; )

      1. 😆😆😎😎😇😇

  3. Yay for a new trip report!

  4. Congratulations on your new home!!!! Glad you’re back!!!! Cheers!

  5. Happily discovered your post tonight….they are so much fun to read!

  6. So nice to have you back. I was beginning to get worried about you. You need to tell us about your new house (pictures too!)

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