Going Home Day, It’s Always Sad

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I sleep late and am up at 8. It is cloudy again. It always makes me feel better to leave when it is cloudy.

Off to breakfast. I have my favorite, chillaquilles.


I have some fruit.


I have some oranges and grapes. They were crushed. A Mimosa, I had a Mimosa, which are crushed grapes and oranges.

I’m not feeling it this morning so I don’t drink much.


Then it’s back to my room.

I have a little visitor.


This guy is tiny.

I am mostly packed so I get ready for beach. I call the front desk to ask for a 12:30 check out. He tells me there is a $10 charge for a late check out.  Uhhh, I tell him that they don’t usually charge me. He checks and comes back and says, Oh, you’re right, there won’t be any charge. Don’t you know who I am?! That was tongue in cheek, in case you thought I was serious.

I go out to the beach.


I think this bikini is really cute, but that thing around the neck is not comfortable at all, which is why I brought it to wear today. I will only have it on for a short period of time.

It had been so quiet on the beach. Order a mimosa and mineral water.


Try to go into water. There is a lot of seaweed to negotiate and the water is really too cool. I just enjoy the beach, listening, staring. Just feeding my soul.

I go up at 11:45. I am fighting back tears. It really is hard for me when I leave. I know I will be back, but this place and these people are my home and family.

Back at my room I drink more of the good wine. Damn, it is good.


I shower and am ready at 12:30.

The flowers that Angel gave me still look great and I ask the concierge to make sure that they go to Mayvany.


I am fighting tears again.

I go to lunch. It is only 12:45 but Azael is ready. He usually doesn’t start until 1.

I have grilled fish and very hot fries. Very hot. He always asks me to check them as soon as he gives them to me. Both are very nicely presented.


He brings coconut ice cream. I asked for just a little and he brings 4 scoops. Of one three managers actually brings it. I say it’s a lot and he offers to help me. I tell him to sit down. He comes back with a spoon. Everyone’s a comedian.


I have a gass of white wine that I don’t even finish.

Then there is nothing left to do but leave.

I give Cathy a hug. I tell her to take care of Daniel.

There is the sad walk. I check out. My ride is waiting. Jorge is my driver. He is very chatty and plays nice music.

The airport is a madhouse. I am not sue why.

I am still too full to eat more. I find a place to sit. It turns out to be right next to crying kids. Are you kidding me?

We board. I am in A49 position which seems way back, but I luck out and sit next to a couple in Row,3 who are in the middle and window seats. The flight is full. Aren’t all of them anymore?

I fall asleep soon after take off but not for long because a baby starts crying. I want to cry too.

I know a lot of people are sad on their last full day, but I have figured or how to just enjoy that final full day,, but this leaving day is still so sad. 

Just writing about it makes me want to cry again.

But I know I’ll be back so…




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  1. Thanks for sharing a little slice of your trip with us!!!

  2. Thanks, miss your posts. Hope to hear about more trips.

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