Lunch in Puerto Morelos

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It’s all fun and games and good wine until I wake up with a hangover. Ugh.

Hangover picture. Got to keep it real.


It takes awhile to get out of bed. I finally do and go to breakfast. I am hoping some fruit and bread will help settle my stomach. I order a mimosa, thinking about the hair of the dog thing, but end up taking only one sip. The food does help though.

The weather is kind of cloudy but I go out to the beach for a bit.

Meet drone guy and his wife. I call him this because he has a drone that he took pictures with and posted them on the Facebook group. You can just imagine what kind of amazing shots he got. His actual name is Rodrigo. He shows me the thing he carries the drone around in. It is pretty compact, surprisingly.


I just enjoy some time on the beach.

I get a visit from Angel, the waiter who is one of my favorites and who I helped raise money for his mom’s hip surgery. He brought me a pretty freaking beautiful flower arrangement as a thank you.


Daniel and I are meeting today to go have lunch in Puerto Morelos, so after a couple of hours of beach time I go get ready to meet him.

The area right outside the lobby is so pretty, with this fountain and view of the Maya.


It gets complicated with security for Daniel to come on to the property to get me, so I always meet him in front of the whole Paraiso complex, outside of the gated entrance.

I get a golf cart ride there and realize just as the bell boy gets to the entrance that I forgot Daniel’s birthday present. Bummer.

He arrives, we go to Puerto Morelos.

It is kind of a cloudy day.


We walk around a bit and then go to Pelicanos. I order fish. They bring some chips with a few different sauces. I put some green sauce on one, thinking it is salsa verde. Daniel gives me a curious look, but doesn’t say anything.

He watches me as I chew and then my eyes get wide and I start chugging water.

It was habanero sauce. He said, “I was wondering why you were putting so much on your chip.”

A smart aleck like any true son is.


My fish comes. It is simply prepared and fresh.


He is texting with the woman he is dating and she asks if he is still with her mother-in-law. I start laughing and spill my water and it gets all over me, which makes me laugh more. Fortunately, I am wearing a bathing suit with a cover-up. We take a selfie and he sends it to her.


After lunch we go back to hotel. Daniel calls for golf cart. One arrives and I ask him if he’s there for me. Nooo. I wait some more and finally mine arrives. I have him take me to my room and wait while I get Daniel’s gift and then he takes me back and I give Daniel his present, which is a pair of sunglasses. I don’t want the driver to have to wait any longer than necessary, so I go back to my room before he opens it. He sends me a selfie.


I go to beach for a while. I have a vodka and cranberry juice


When it is time I go back to the room. I do the balcony jacuzzi. I fix myself a rum and coke.


The maid decorated my bed. It must have taken her forever to put all those rose petals down so carefully.


I get ready for dinner. This dress looks great and isn’t too tight. As long as I don’t need to breath.


When I arrive at Toni’s I see Mayvany. She has arranged for me to have a special bottle of wine. I can’t drink it all because I am not about to get another hangover for my going home day, tomorrow. I do enjoy some with dinner and send the rest to my room.


Mayvany also gives me bracelet from Cuba, where she is from.


For dinner I start with the pear salad.


I decide to branch out and be adventurous and I order the ribs. I can’t say I was wowed by them.


After dinner I go to the lobby bar. It is nearly empty because everyone is watching some fight in the music bar. I am SO not into fights.

The benefit is that I have Daniel to myself. Elizabeth tells me that she thinks Nicholas, my son, is a hottie.


I only drink water so I can have some more wine back in my room. I don’t stay late. Back in my room are strawberries and champagne and new decorations on my bed. I feel like the treats are wasted on me.


I eat one and a half strawberries, have some wine and go to sleep.

I had tried to find someone to work for me on Monday so that I could stay another day, but no-one can. So it’s home for me tomorrow.


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